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  • things in terms of convenience, whereas people in the United States approach things ethically. This — amateur Protestant that I am — I admired above all. It
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  • destinies. Timothy Ferris in:Seeing in the Dark: How Amateur Astronomers Are Discovering the Wonders of the Universe, Simon and Schuster, Jul 8, 2003 , p, 206
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  • at the pictures? Review of The Painter's Eye and The Nude (1957). Many authors write like amateur blacksmiths making their first horseshoe; the clank
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  • Unnatural Acts, City Life, Sadness, The Dead Father, Amateurs, Overnight to Many Distant Cities, Paradise, Not-Knowing: The Essays and Interviews of Donald
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  • Top Gear (section The Stig)
    about the Greatest Driving Song] Jeremy: [to Richard] You! You went on Radio 1 this week, okay? He was on Radio 1, which is a small radio station for,
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  • year. An amateur stage. You do it two weeks before they do it. Eight thousand of us, and by the end, there were four thousand of us left at the end of it
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  • CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (category Television series on DVD)
    the station. Nick: Oh, yeah. Sara: I'm slightly concerned about its effect on the case, but more than that, I'm concerned about the case's effect on you
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  • Justice League (TV series) (category Television series on DVD)
    leave the space station) Flash: Hey, we can't just leave, what's to stop somebody else from taking control of that thing. (the space station explodes) Green
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  • Angel (1999 TV series) (category Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
    flying over the edge of the bridge. He lands on a car hood. Jasmine, still on the bridge, picks up a station wagon.] Jasmine: Think the price was too
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  • we're ready for our first call. Sophia: [dials the radio station] Hello. Dr. Kelly: Hi, you're on the air with Dr. Kelly. I need your first name only
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  • [pause] And then the team. Not necessarily in that order. [After the sloppy theft of their 'plans'] Tara: Worse thief ever. Nate: Amateurs Nate: All right
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  • they fall on you. Goren: [to Susan, after she's rescued] You’re not weak. You’re strong. You lived through it. [An amateur hit man kills the mistress
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