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  • were called, with no other weapons than those provided by nature. -Bat Masterson [Wyatt] Earp is a man who never smiled or laughed. He was the most fearless
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  • and the loss of Calais to France All right. Who: William Barclay "Bat" Masterson, former Wild West gunfighter; he was asked by a fellow reporter of the
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  • a lady, and a lady always knows when to leave. Kathy Bates - Evelyn Couch Mary Stuart Masterson - Idgie Threadgoode Mary-Louise Parker - Ruth Jamison
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  • Cooper as Peter John Michael Higgins as Nick Rhys Darby as Norman Danny Masterson as Rooney Terence Stamp as Terrence Bundley Molly Sims as Stephanie Fionnula
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  • Right? —The Dinobots reveal that they are more than meets the eye. "Mr. Masterson! I have told my staff time and again: we do not make military robots or
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  • Justin Berfield as Reese Erik Per Sullivan as Dewey Christopher Kennedy Masterson as Francis James Rodriguez and Lukas Rodriguez as Jamie Wikipedia
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