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  • Bob Paisley (Source) Of all the players I have played alongside, managed and coached in more than 40 years at Anfield, he is the most talented. Bob Paisley
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  • was the Anfield foreman, Paisley was the brickie, ready to build an empire with his own hands." Tommy Smith on Bob Paisley.[2] Wikipedia has an
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  • Reza Paige, Elaine Paige, Satchel Paine, Thomas Pais, Abraham Paisley, Brad Paisley, Ian Pak, Bo Hi Palahniuk, Chuck Palau, Francisco Palermo, Martín
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  • Hey, what's with the name calling? Chyna: Uh, Paisley I am so, so, so sorry about your nose. Paisley: Aww, don't be. I'm hoping it's broken, so my mom
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  • decided they'd show ol' Boss Hogg just what sidehackin' was all about. Paisley: Why can't I reach you? Crow: There's a ladder in the way. J.C.: [after
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