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  • of every needle, the waving of every bole and branch, the sound of stars in circulation like particles in the blood. The Sierra canyons are full of avalanche
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  • embraced the “Tax Honesty” movement which holds that the income tax applies to a very small class of people and transactions and that most of us are tricked
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  • picture. Movie great of another time, once-brilliant star in a firmament no longer a part of the sky, eclipsed by the movement of earth and time. Barbara
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  • Roivas, and his Ancient has lost to the Ancient she has summoned. She stabs him through the chest with the bottom end of his staff, killing him. Goodbye
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  • California or Mexico, please, report to the Council for indefinite detention. Night Vale is an ancient place. Full of history and secrets, as we were reminded
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  • territory from the north end of Cañon de Pecos Grant to Anton Chico, a distance of about forty miles, I have selected one, the ancient pueblo of Ton-ch-un
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