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  • Henry Jenner (1848–1934) was a Celtic scholar, Cornish cultural activist, and chief originator of the Cornish language revival. Why should Cornishmen learn
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  • responsible for turning back the Danish invasion of Wessex and for promoting a revival of education, scholarship, law and administration. His translations of
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  • nor Chopin remained untouched by literary developments, like the revival of Celtic and medieval poetry, as the overtures of Mendelssohn and the Ballades
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  • them. I hope to see a revival of it—thank God it is revived. I see revivals of it in the absence of the other sort of revivals. I believe it to be confessed
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  • state of the science, through what are termed the dark ages, until the revival of letters; the third will commence with the establishment of the inductive
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  • just described the entire planet. Peter: I tried to expense a couple of Celtic tickets on the FBI--she caught me. Walter: Oh, I see. I hope she doesn't
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