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  • a 1945 film about a four-day drinking bout in the desperate life of a chronic alcoholic. Directed by Billy Wilder. Written by Charles Brackett and Billy
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  • long now. The West is eveningland, the East morningland. …my two chronic diseases of gluttony and satyriasis… ‘This damnable sex, boys - ah, you do well
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  • having his kidney stolen] Whoa! Talk about getting your pocket picked! Captain Cragen: Grand theft kidney. Terrific. Surgeon: Kidney, kidney, never leave
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  • All-- all I have left to put on eBay is a, a-- a kidney or a lung. Kandi: If I were you, I'd sell the kidney 'cause lungs don't grow back. Alan: Where are
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  • necrosis of the tissues surrounding the initial wound. The venom will cause kidney failure, fever, and death in three to four days. Would you like to see a
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