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  • ever has to do with... J. W. N. Sullivan, The Limitations of Science (1933) At its core, therefore, science is a form of arrogance control. Carol Tavris
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  • and you could make a career out of it. Chloe Sullivan: I hate it when you do that. Clark Kent: Do what? Chloe Sullivan: Just shut me out. It's like one
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  • Thomas Jefferson (category Founding Fathers of the United States of America)
    infractions of the embargo in Maine and Massachusetts are open. I have removed Pope, of New Bedford, for worse than negligence. The collector of Sullivan is on
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  • Presley as one of his influences, from an interview with "Guitar World", published in October of 1998. Critiques of the [Ed Sullivan] programs assumed
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  • attacked by a rabid dog. The Responsibility of Intellectuals: Arthur Dorfman, reply by Noam Chomsky, New York Review of Books, April 20, 1967. ...I don't feel
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  • I don't know Who: Grace Sullivan (Lorraine Bayly) and John Sullivan (Andrew McFarlane) respectively Source: The Sullivans Note: Grace had moved to London
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  • episode ends with Marcus singing the Major-General's Song by Gilbert and Sullivan] [After discussing recent events with Captain Sheridan, Commander Ivanova
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