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  • John F. Kennedy (category Presidents of the United States)
    ante-room of hell, who "lived without disgrace and without praise," and the coward angels, who did not rebel but did not resist the cohorts of Lucifer,
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  • The West Wing (section Noël)
    Josh: What if you just kick up a cloud of dust about the revenue impact and mention that he's the Darth Vader of child care? Toby: [to Ed & Larry] This
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  • card appears for two seconds as the gang enters.] Crow: Oh, this is by Noel Coward. [We go straight into the story.] Woman: [singing] I dreamed last night
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  • hilarious impact the show has had on us. It's one of the most influential shows in that it helped form so many people's sense of humor. So many of us today
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