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  • Phil Donahue (category People from Ohio)
    show had a 29-year run on national television in America that began in Dayton, Ohio, and ended in New York City in 1996. Suicide is a permanent solution
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  • It just made him whole. Mr. Tanner Mr. Martin Tanner, a baritone, of Dayton, Ohio made his Town Hall debut last night. He came well prepared, but unfortunately
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  • tune? Does he ever get laid?! DO YOU FUCK HIM FOR THE STORY?! I was in Dayton, Ohio. You ever been there? Yeah? You know what’s a fun thing to do there?
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  • late-term abortion doctor Martin Haskell at Women's Medical Center in Dayton, Ohio, describing the procedure in sworn testimony to the U.S. House Judiciary
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  • this belt high in the air after I fought for it for the first time in Dayton, Ohio against Samoa Joe and I proclaimed this belt the most important thing
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  • And then ladies and gentlemen, I go to the first King of the Ring in Dayton, Ohio and I guarantee you, you listen to that broadcast, I carried the broadcast
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  • Ted Ginn, Jr. (category People from Ohio)
    track meet at Welcome Stadium". Dayton Daily News. pp. C12.  McDonald, Jeff (2006-09-06). "Longhorns worried about Ohio State's Ginn". San Antonio Express-News
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  • not capture it unaided. p. 206 There was also a real Dayton out there, a charming small Ohio city, famous as the birthplace of the Wright Brothers.
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  • Clarence Darrow (category People from Ohio)
    ignorant men are sure — that is all that agnosticism means. Scopes Trial, Dayton, Tennessee (13 July 1925) If today you can take a thing like evolution
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  • Report of the Famous Court Test of the Tennessee Anti-Evolution Act, at Dayton, July 10 to 21, 1925, Including Speeches and Arguments of Attorneys (1925)
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  • American sitcom, airing on CBS, about a wacky radio station in Cincinnati, Ohio. Baby, if you've ever wondered; Wondered whatever became of me. I'm living
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  • the United States of Europe, not on our watch. Herman Cain, as quoted in Dayton Daily News (2011). This country was founded by slave owners who wanted
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  • could have supported the nonviolent movement instead of selling them out at Dayton. Any kind of turbulence in the Balkans is a threat to the interests of rich
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