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  • Ghosts (category Death and dying)
    crowing of the cock. Robert Blair, The Grave, line 67 The Nightmare Life-in-Death was she. Samuel Taylor Coleridge, The Ancient Mariner, Part III The unexpected
    6 KB (955 words) - 05:35, 13 September 2015
  • Inheritance (category Death and dying)
    the practice of passing on property, titles, debts, rights and obligations upon the death of an individual. It has long played an important role in human
    2 KB (333 words) - 08:30, 11 August 2015
  • Martyrdom (category Death and dying)
    persecution and death for refusing to renounce, or accept, a belief or cause, usually religious. The tyrant dies and his rule is over; the martyr dies and his
    3 KB (538 words) - 23:19, 21 August 2015
  • after physical death. He hoped and prayed that there wasn't an afterlife. Then he realized there was a contradiction involved here and merely hoped that
    3 KB (446 words) - 15:39, 31 July 2015
  • Undertakers (category Death and dying)
    tasks often entail the preparation, embalming, and burial or cremation of the dead, as well as the planning and arrangement of the actual funeral ceremony
    2 KB (301 words) - 02:14, 19 June 2014
  • Mortality (category Death and dying)
    Mortality is the condition of being mortal, susceptible to death. To smell to a turf of fresh earth is wholesome for the body; no less are thoughts
    7 KB (1,175 words) - 22:50, 12 March 2015
  • Elisabeth Kübler-Ross (category 2004 deaths)
    2004) was a psychiatrist, and a pioneer of near-death studies. People are like stained-glass windows. They sparkle and shine when the sun is out
    4 KB (512 words) - 20:56, 13 September 2015
  • Monuments (category Death and dying)
    monuments and rich fabricks, not riches, adorn men's ashes. Sir Thomas Browne, Hydriotaphia, Chapter III. To extend our memories by monuments, whose death we
    5 KB (802 words) - 01:21, 27 December 2014
  • Homicide (category Death and dying)
    them! And then nobody will commit crimes anymore. The world will be a better place. And while people who obviously deserve to be punished are dying of heart
    17 KB (2,647 words) - 00:45, 12 September 2015
  • Suicide (category Death and dying)
    expression, used by many authors, it appears at least as early as in Death and Dying (1979) in the Social Issues Resources Series, Vol. 1, p. 35. People
    19 KB (3,054 words) - 15:13, 26 July 2015
  • Grief (category Death and dying)
    While Death reigns tyrant o'er this mortal shore. Phillis Wheatley, "To a Gentleman and Lady on the Death of the Lady's Brother and Sister, and a Child
    14 KB (2,211 words) - 17:40, 27 December 2014
  • Necromancy (category Death and dying)
    Become my "soul reaver"- my angel of death. Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver written by Amy Hennig, Richard Lemarchand and Jim Curry Stranger: What about the
    9 KB (1,464 words) - 00:52, 1 October 2015
  • Wilson Mizner (category 1933 deaths)
    B. McIver, Dreamers, Schemers and Scalawags, Pineapple Press, Sarasota, Florida, 1994. ISBN 1-56164-034-4. Stop dying. Am trying to write a comedy.
    5 KB (741 words) - 17:17, 25 September 2015
  • when I knew he was dead. I felt suddenly glad to be dying. I didn't know when you were burnt to death you'd bleed. I thought the blood would all dry up
    14 KB (2,128 words) - 04:55, 26 September 2015
  • Grave (burial) (category Death and dying)
    say in the grave there is peace, and peace and the grave are one and the same. Georg Büchner, Dantons Tod (Danton's Death) (1835) Act I. Perhaps the early
    17 KB (2,725 words) - 14:07, 21 May 2015
  • Kent State shootings (category Death and dying)
    massacre) occurred at Kent State University in the U. S. city of Kent, Ohio, and involved the shooting of unarmed college students by the Ohio National Guard
    6 KB (695 words) - 04:59, 26 September 2015
  • Physician's Guide to Coping with Death and Dying” p. 221. A balance life includes a healthy mix of work, exercise, eating, family and friends, leisure activities
    22 KB (2,679 words) - 18:18, 29 October 2014
  • produced a vast number of quotes on the subject of death. Thou know'st 'tis common; all that lives must die, Passing through nature to eternity. Act I,
    11 KB (1,860 words) - 03:06, 8 May 2015
  • Death panels are hypothetical committees that would ration medical care; they were at the center of the healthcare reform controversy in the United States
    485 bytes (77 words) - 18:58, 10 October 2010
  • Eternal rest (category Death and dying)
    yet finished my course, let me go and speak for Thee once more in the field, seal Thy truth, and come home to die. George Whitefield, p. 518. Rest,
    4 KB (775 words) - 23:24, 24 May 2012

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