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  • and Wadsworth each slap him] Wadsworth: Would anyone care for fruit or dessert? It's Not Just A Game Anymore. Murder, madness, mystery, and mayhem. More
    3 KB (393 words) - 17:36, 11 June 2016
  • kind of place is this? Paul: Ginny? Ginny: Yes, Paul? Paul: No seconds on dessert for Jeff and Sandra tonight. [Scott steps into snare and ends up hanging]
    5 KB (662 words) - 23:52, 2 June 2016
  • Times And the beer I had for breakfast wasn't bad So I had one more for dessert Then I fumbled through my closet for my clothes And found my cleanest
    4 KB (478 words) - 16:29, 26 November 2014
  • Christianity has enriched the erotic meal with the appetizer of curiosity and the dessert of remorse. The immorality of men triumphs over the amorality of women
    11 KB (1,812 words) - 15:59, 25 September 2015
  • kinds of sweets, chocolate candy, ice creams, cookies, cakes, pies, and desserts. It is one of the most popular flavours in the world. Chocolate is a psychoactive
    2 KB (242 words) - 10:49, 2 March 2016
  • chicken, french fries, breakfast items, soft drinks, milkshakes, and desserts.  In response to changing consumer tastes, the company has expanded its
    4 KB (583 words) - 18:26, 19 July 2016
  • makes you do them. A man who was fond of wine was offered some grapes at dessert after dinner. 'Much obliged,' said he, pushing the dish away from him,
    20 KB (3,042 words) - 19:40, 18 July 2016
  • Ichy: How nice! Dessert! Head for the shore, Dil! My sweet tooth calls. Dil: Ichy, you know the routine. Dinner first, then dessert! Ichy: What are you
    2 KB (213 words) - 01:21, 10 December 2015
  • bourgeois, so boring. But wait. Watch, you see, I have sent her a dessert…a very special dessert. I wrote it myself. It starts so simply; each line of the program
    22 KB (3,476 words) - 12:54, 28 June 2016
  • your own time. What's for dessert? Vianne: That brings me to number two. It is my duty to announce, that there is no dessert here tonight. [guests sound
    8 KB (1,145 words) - 01:05, 20 July 2016
  • line 24. "An't it please your Honour," quoth the Peasant, "This same Dessert is not so pleasant: Give me again my hollow Tree, A crust of Bread, and
    26 KB (4,257 words) - 19:21, 21 July 2016
  • madness to remember that he had promised his wife that he would bring dessert home. His instruction to his partner in crime is an entire moral manifesto
    9 KB (1,153 words) - 18:28, 29 June 2015
  • what you love, and loving what you do. Life is unsure. Always eat your dessert first. Life is what you make it Life is a sexually contracted terminal
    51 KB (8,140 words) - 01:37, 12 May 2016
  • but my intentions and protestations cannot turn crap into a delicious dessert. Chapter Seven, If You're So Smart, Why Ain't You Rich?, p. 212 The humanities
    5 KB (678 words) - 16:05, 3 November 2014
  • deep impressions as well. My mother cooking “guinataan”, a Philippine dessert made of coconut milk and tropical fruit, and the movement of clouds over
    2 KB (357 words) - 01:10, 9 July 2015
  • pull that plane out with my teeth! Hold the whipped cream; I just had a dessert. Aww, a tractor-trailer jack-knifed and flipped over. It's laying on its
    5 KB (739 words) - 12:16, 6 March 2016
  • America. I got my meat, I got my potatoes, I got my vegetables, I got my dessert, and I don't even have to wash the dishes. On t. v. dinners Here, let
    1 KB (186 words) - 18:08, 20 May 2016
  • happy! Wait, did he just say we couldn't have dessert? So that's how you want to play it, old man? No dessert?! Oh sure, we'll eat our dinner, right after
    30 KB (4,835 words) - 11:04, 23 June 2016
  • Twinkies and wine? Oh, that's real class, Jan. Jan: It says right here it's a dessert wine. [offers bottle to Sandy who's hesitant] Rizzo: Come on. Sandy didn't
    13 KB (1,862 words) - 15:36, 21 February 2016
  • screams. Then you hear them eating, and you hope to God that you're not dessert. Afraid? You don't know what afraid is. You will not last 5 minutes without
    5 KB (647 words) - 18:30, 21 December 2015

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