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  • At various time, "Dr" Hovind (his degree comes from an unaccredited diploma mill) has argued that the American government knew that the 9-11 attacks were
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  • breed more headless chickens—to put more feathers in their caps—medals, diplomas, stock certificates, honorary doctorates—eggs and eggs of headless
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  • human being and truth is a story." p. 8 The master was never impressed by diplomas or degrees. He scrutinized the person, not the certificate. He was once
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  • thing. Carey: I don't, I don't understand. I mean you have a diploma...(unrolls fake diploma and sees the truth) This is a picture of a girl wearing a bikini
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  • anything from a tourist home to a multi-unit motel inn. Norman Bates: Yes, a diploma in motel management can be your passport to prosperity, independence, and
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  • were too stupid to listen to her and repeat the 10th grade and get your diploma. Narrator: After all my parents did for me, I tried to do somethin' for
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