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  • FUBAR: The Movie is a 2002 mockumentary film, directed by Michael Dowse, based on the lives of two lifelong friends and head-bangers living out their lives
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  • Saving Private Ryan (category 1998 films)
    you think the mission's FUBAR, Captain? Capt. Miller: Especially if you think the mission's FUBAR. Corp. Upham: What's FUBAR? Pvt. Mellish: Oh, it's German
    20 KB (3,302 words) - 21:01, 5 September 2015
  • Marine term, Probie. Kate: It means half way between FUBAR and SNAFU. McGee: Okay, uh, what's FUBAR? Kate/Tony: You are! Abby: Correct as always, my silver-haired
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  • Stargate SG-1 (category Television programs based on films)
    Mitchell: Well, pants, for one. Alternate Mitchell: So if this plan goes FUBAR, we're the only ones to go down with the ship? Dr. Jackson: Well, there's
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