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  • solve this problem together Hadi Daryanto, an official at Indonesia's Forestry Ministry on Singapore 'slash and burn', quoted on BBC News, "Singapore
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  • with here and there a sail just skipping In sight, then lost amidst the forestry Of masts; a wilderness of steeples peeping On tiptoe through their sea-coal
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  • forester—was not so simple. There were no schools of Forestry]] in America. … Whoever turned his mind toward Forestry in those days thought little about the forest
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  • are agronomy, anthropology, astronomy, bacteriology, botany, economics, forestry, meteorology, psychology, public health, and-above all-genetics, in which
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  • agent of life. The existing methods of water control, power stations and forestry are ruining water - the earth's blood. It becomes diseased, and so affects
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  • to be what I published very fully and brought to apply practically to forestry in my work Naval Timber and Arboriculture, published as far back as January
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  • on stalk, Earth lost and little like a pea In high heaven's towering forestry, —These be the small weeds ye shall see Crawl, covering the chalk. "But
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  • cuddle something somehow. I'd be a female lumberjack if I could... in the Forestry... if I hadn't my own burdens. What about the munitions girls.. the girls
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  • works for a forestry commission. He writes only in green ink to persuade his bossess to make it a standard ecological colour for all forestry business.
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  • feathered earring. And the van with the beanbag chairs. And I changed my forestry major. Claire: I get it, Phil. I get it. I am the controlling witch that
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