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  • know, peanut arms. JFK: [popping in and out of bathroom to taunt Abe and Ghandi] I will see you there. And by will, I mean won't. HA HA HA! / Because you're
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  • have criticised even Darwin's generalisation as being unwarranted. Mahatma Ghandi, "Generalisation", from Harijan (6 July 1940). Quoted in Teachings of Mahatma
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  • customer: These books are a little overdue. [Conan slices him in two!!] Ghandi: Give me a steak, medium-rare. Kuni (and other karate experts): SUH-PLIIEES
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  • general and on the philosophical and social views and programs of Mahatma Ghandi, Martin Luther King and Cesar Chavez. Alexander Fodor, in his introduction
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  • Victorious (category Music TV shows)
    mushrooms? Sikowitz: Wait! Who's that guy? Tori: He's...a woman. Sikowitz: Dear Ghandi! (runs into the duck truck, and the episode ends as the truck takes off
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  • otherwise. Christian: Fourteen hours in this place without a cup of coffee even Ghandi would become a narcoleptic. Christian: Throw a stone down South Beach and
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  • Opening quote: "Fear has its uses but cowardice has none." - Mahatma Ghandi Wilfred: [referring to an Indian neighbor] It's not like I was gonna bite
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