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  • Cannonball Run II (category Hal Needham films)
    Patrol officer George Lindsey as Uncle Cal Doug McClure as The Sheik's servant Jilly Rizzo as Jilly Dub Taylor as a sheriff Hal Needham as a Porsche 928
    5 KB (689 words) - 16:47, 12 November 2015
  • you'll look sweet upon the seat of a bicycle built for two. Who: HAL 9000 Note: HAL is revived in the sequel. Laura, can you hear me? Laura! Who: Roland
    266 KB (41,752 words) - 16:13, 27 October 2015
  • Montgomery: You really think she (Bridget McManus) could overpower Zack (Zack Lindsey)? Ryan: Uh, no, but her brothers could. In grand Irish tradition, she has
    339 KB (52,430 words) - 01:50, 2 October 2015
  • a dead limousine driver) That jerk. He said he would give me a pass... Lindsey: If you... Felicia: Yeah, if I. And... I did. (Stella pleads with her ex-boyfriend
    607 KB (97,282 words) - 19:50, 8 October 2015