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  • major Allied leaders. It was the first video production to be produced in an early form of analog high-definition video using the Sony HDVS line of equipment
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  • Over-Nite Sensation (1973) Distraction Entertainment Film Image Radio Video Wikipedia has an article about: Television Look up television
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  • mandatory) to depict violent and lethal incidents in lurid and gloating high-definition detail, this is somehow regarded as healthy and perfectly normal, and
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  • out, thought we were robbing the place. It's on fuckin' video camera, so since it's on video camera I decided that we should take a bit of shit. If we're
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  • secret. This becomes difficult if there is proof of your existence in high definition! Splinter: Anger is self-destructive. Raphael: I always thought it
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  • cut my lawn. Boy: But these are your chores. Vicky: And these are High Definition photos of you two sneaking into an R-rated movie! AAAAAAAAAND...''ACTION
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  • has ze knife! Frylock: Yep, I think it's about time we invested in a high definition plasma screen. Meatwad: I thought you said TV was bad. Frylock: It
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  • charity. Pim: Yeah, ditto. I'm giving mine to the Pim Diffy needs a high-definition TV foundation. You disgust me. Mr. Hackett: Hey, wait a minute. How
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