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  • Stephen Corry (category Indigenous rights activists)
    tribal peoples and their environments will stop. Tribal peoples will survive against extraordinary odds — but they do need the help of concerned people throughout
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  • Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh (category Living people)
    state visit to Brazil (November 1968) as quoted in The Reality of Monarchy (1970) by Andrew Duncan You have mosquitoes. I have the Press. In a 1966 conversation
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  • Charles Darwin (category English people)
    a few stray colonists, and has received the general character of its indigenous productions. Considering the small size of these islands, we feel the
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  • Carmen: Just be sure to brush up on your Wolof. It's the nation's main indigenous language. Contessa: Carmen, you make me crazy! Every day, with the brushing
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  • of the superiority of indigenous African diet is the magnificent condition of the teeth. One researcher among six ethnic groups in Kenya could not find
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  • American in its way of life. Crow [as Narrator]: So you might as well just stay where you are. [Over a shot of a Burger King...] Servo: Ah, indigenous cuisine
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  • of water] Raj: Feel better now? Sheldon: [continuing] It is also indigenous to Brazil, as is the cocoa bean from which we get chocolate, the best pudding
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  • in, and my nephew turned to me and said, "What's mesh?" Bill Bailey: I was in Brazil, and I went into an enclosure with a Jaguar. And this Brazilian handler
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  • won the World Championship in Brazil last weekend, there might have been one photograph of him without his father, gurning in the back of shot. All we know
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  • Gus: I'm just saying. It would be nice to see one in its natural habitat. Shawn: They're not indigenous to firehouses, Gus. Shawn: So, kiddies, always remember
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