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  • Judgment. Allah has challenged anyone to bring a book like the Quran or even ten verses like it. Osama bin Laden from Full text: bin Laden's 'letter to
    63 KB (8,421 words) - 07:18, 17 November 2015
  • United States (redirect U.S.A.)
    retreat. Such a country needs only to be confronted with two or three sharp blows, then it will flee in panic, as it always has. Osama bin Laden, as quoted
    483 KB (62,724 words) - 17:54, 27 November 2015
  • (1909). Leave us alone, or else expect us in New York and Washington. Osama bin Laden, "Letter to the American people" (2002). When you leave New York
    31 KB (4,090 words) - 07:36, 18 November 2015
  • War (section A)
    does not apply to women fighters. A woman who puts herself in the same trench with men, gets what they get. Osama bin Laden, ABC interview (May 1998)
    239 KB (36,062 words) - 16:46, 27 November 2015
  • real men. A delusion shared by the King George, the plantation-owners, the Nazis, Soviets and so on, down to Saddam and Osama bin Laden. A delusion that
    30 KB (4,297 words) - 23:36, 5 October 2015
  • That's a core essence of the religion. ... Muhammad was a pirate who killed infidels and who advocated the killing of infidels. Not a nice guy. Osama bin
    20 KB (2,853 words) - 12:31, 26 August 2015
  • is Osama bin Laden, and everyone not in this room is Delta Force. Any questions? Applicant #11: We're protecting Osama bin Laden? Dr. House: It's a metaphor
    43 KB (6,577 words) - 19:17, 18 October 2015
  • tonight. I'm serious. "Family Guy" isn't funny. SNN Anchor: Osama bin Laden had this to say: Osama Bin Laden: If you look closely at the writing in Family
    30 KB (74,131 words) - 06:51, 24 November 2015
  • I hearing you right? Because you'd tell Osama bin Laden before you tell me? Because back in my day, we had a little thing called patriotism. Logan: What's
    138 KB (19,873 words) - 19:59, 20 August 2015
  • going to be taught in them? Does Bill Clinton decide what's taught? Or Osama Bin Laden decide what's taught? Should you decide what's taught, or should
    130 KB (21,701 words) - 16:13, 29 October 2015
  • father would take a coupon from Osama bin Laden. Narrator: When I was 15 going on 16, the one thing I wanted most was a kiss from a girl, and I didn't
    219 KB (33,274 words) - 16:46, 7 November 2015