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  • Wang: If you break her heart, I break your legs. Roy: That's fair. Jackie Chan as Chon Wang (stand-in by Vladimir Chaloupka) Owen Wilson as Roy O'Brannon
    6 KB (811 words) - 20:30, 14 February 2014
  • Jackie Chan Adventures is a fictional animated children's television cartoon series that premiered on Kids' WB. The series focuses on the fictional adventures
    184 KB (27,051 words) - 17:50, 11 April 2016
  • Want your toothpicks back? Chong Wang: Fight with honor. You will win. Jackie Chan as Chong Wang / John Wayne (doubled by Andy Cheng and Yuen Biao) Owen
    8 KB (1,091 words) - 21:53, 26 October 2015
  • handles a silk shirt soaked in urine.] Adam: You know, I don't think Jackie Chan used real wee for this. God, this stuff smells rank. Eew, it's warm!
    117 KB (15,578 words) - 01:07, 20 August 2016
  • their first battle] Spider-Man: Good riddance! James Lileks: Or, as Jackie Chan's symbiote would say: Daaayum! Mike Nelson: That wasn't a symbiote --
    236 KB (32,386 words) - 06:18, 24 July 2016