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  • bad for Spidey) Perfect end, for a perfect day... (sees Venom on the Jumbotron) Sad thing is, he'll probably get his own talk-show for this. Let's see
    12 KB (1,929 words) - 05:23, 13 September 2015
  • maliciously. [To his minions] What did we do? Well, we stole the Times Square JumboTron! Nice. [all cheering] That's how I roll. Yeah, you all like watching football
    34 KB (5,305 words) - 12:59, 21 July 2016
  • (disambiguation). Marge: Just once I'd like your father to be on a Jumbotron for something good. Homer: You've learned a very valuable life lesson
    15 KB (2,063 words) - 03:20, 5 July 2016
  • face and say, "whatever, man." James "Sawyer" Ford: What's your problem, Jumbotron? Hugo "Hurley" Reyes: Shut up! Red -- neck -- man. James "Sawyer" Ford:
    246 KB (40,627 words) - 15:29, 7 June 2016