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  • Be Cool (1999) My grandson, Max, who is an all state lacrosse player, once gave me some lacrosse advice: A limp pass is like a limp dick; it doesn't get
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  • CBS Sports, Golf Channel and NBC Sports. Which looks like a mixture of lacrosse and second-degree manslaughter. Feherty describes GAA before Emerald Isle
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  • Isaac: School. Sheriff Stilinski: School fight? Isaac: Nah, lacrosse. Sheriff Stilinski: Lacrosse? You play for Beacon Hills? Isaac: Yeah. Sheriff Stilinski:
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  • think it's time you did too. [hands him a net] Here, I signed you up for lacrosse. Steve: Dad, I'm not a physical boy. Stan: Well, now that Snot's not here
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  • didn't have to! I call that a win. [Stiles and Scott confront Liam after lacrosse practice when they become suspicious about how good he is] Stiles: Okay
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  • and we still got the heat! Kate: Whoo! Kate: Sarah, your suspension from lacrosse for excessive force has been lifted, so you're going today. Sarah: Yes
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  • like football? Jackson: Football's a joke in Beacon, the sport here is lacrosse. We've won the state championship the past three years. Lydia: Because
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  • hairy armpits)" Smith College: (muscular girl, carries lacrosse stick, husky voice) Play lacrosse with me! Bryn Mawr College: Or come explore with me! (She
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  • undecided on fake tits. [Bunk comes into detail room wearing lacrosse sweats] Herc: Lacrosse? Bunk: What, a brother can't run with a stick? Jim Brown was
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  • to you by..." Chase: Oh, shut it, altar girl. Nico: And didn't you play lacrosse? Who would need steroids to play-- Chase: Quiet. Gert: Don't call me kid
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  • anything to do with lacrosse? Journalist: How much over budget are the Games at the moment? John Clarke: Have we got any more lacrosse questions? Journalist:
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  • herrings and which aren't. In an interview in Artforum, Nov. 83 You can play lacrosse all over the world provided you know where the goalposts are. In an interview
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  • coming for all of us. [Mason and Liam are staring at Brett while he plays lacrosse with some friends. Mason, seeing that he's shirtless, starts to leer at
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  • thick-headed son more he wouldn't have started them fires or stolen all that lacrosse equipment, but dammit! Sometimes they're just bad apples!! Lincoln's Ghost:
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  • hits a polo ball out the window] God, you're a natural! Bet it's all that lacrosse at boarding school, no doubt. Archer: Yeah, 13 years' worth. Trexler: 13
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  • were-- we were-- we were nothing. We weren't popular. We weren't good at lacrosse. We weren't important. We were no one. Maybe I should just be no one again
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  • I listened to it, I scratched it, I threw it away and blamed it on the lacrosse team. Pete: Son of a bitch. [noticing Sofia] Sorry. Ruxin: To Jenny—honestly
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  • It was the suits. Chaffing. Horrible. Jane: Nice cradling. Travis: Play lacrosse? Jane: No. Fast moving sticks scare me. Kristina: I talked to your wife
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  • I'm gonna miss... this place. Atlanta: Not me. My old school has a great lacrosse team. Archie: How when you're back, they're gonna rock! Well.. See ya.
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