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  • Butterflies are mainly day-flying insects of the order Lepidoptera, the butterflies and moths. Butterflies have large, often brightly coloured wings,
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  • Rearing, Cocoon Harvesting The silk caterpillar, belong to the Order of Lepidoptera winged insects, genus Bombyx. The species Bombyx mori, which can be cultivated
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  • someone's lawn on fire! Niles: Ah, there he is! The man who floats like a lepidoptera and stings like a hymenoptera! Niles is reluctant to play chess with
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  • Mm-mm. Brass: Lepidro. What kind of name is that? Grissom: It's from Lepidoptera, meaning "butterfly." Walter Clancy started out a gender-dysmorphic caterpillar
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