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  • dishes, five; and reduce other things in proportion. We do not ride on the railroad; it rides upon us. If we read of one man robbed, or murdered, or killed
    70 KB (12,656 words) - 18:11, 6 March 2016
  • of car accidents are caused by... women's hinders! [A car approaches a railroad crossing sign at night, adorned with the typical "RR" symbol.] Servo: [growling]
    626 KB (80,306 words) - 02:33, 18 April 2016
  • Vanilli. Beavis: Yeah. [the two laugh as Joe Perry plays his guitar on a railroad track with a train approaching] Beavis: Hit him! Hit him! Hit him! Butt-head:
    561 KB (76,448 words) - 02:06, 24 April 2016
  • lady. David Underhill is ten times smarter than me. You'd have to drive a railroad spike in his brain for me to beat him at checkers. Next to him, I am like
    285 KB (40,413 words) - 14:38, 2 May 2016
  • simply in case something happens to you. Brian: Like I'm decapitated at a railroad crossing? Or burned beyond recognition in some gas explosion? You know
    221 KB (34,643 words) - 13:05, 15 February 2016
  • Giggles. Kentucky Blue. You know what I’m talking about. I’m talking about Railroad Weed! That’s right. The Devil’s Parsley. Skunk, Splim, Splam, Mooster.
    448 KB (67,342 words) - 00:18, 30 November 2015
  • Eames investigate the deaths of five young adults who parked their car on railroad tracks and waited for a fatal crash] Eames: A suicide club - and Carmine
    199 KB (28,463 words) - 11:21, 26 April 2016