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  • Elizabeth "Liz" Cheney Perry (born July 28, 1966) is an American attorney. During the George W. Bush administration years she held positions in the State
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  • and women into harm's way, that man is Mitt Romney. Dick Cheney, quoted in "Romney, with Cheney's help, raises $4 million at Wyoming fundraiser". NBC News
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  • apostrophe? Who: Dylan Thomas Note: Spoke those words to his girlfriend Liz, who told him that her friend had seen white mice and roses. He lapsed into
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  • towns? Mine Shaft bartender: You just missed Dick Cheney. Bernard: Trust me, I don't miss Dick Cheney. Lupo: I'm looking for a man who's all man. Transvestite:
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  • shock. Put anything that close to my mouth I might bite it off. Cyrus [to Liz]: You and I both know you can't attempt to overthrow the American governemnt
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