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  • groups far to the north and west—Svalbard, the Faroes, Iceland, and the Madeira and Canary islands—are considered European, while Greenland (though tied
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  • great honor for Madeira to have a young man like Cristiano Ronaldo and a great honor for the regional government to welcome Madeira's most famous man
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  • like an old fag packet and pops off for a game of squash and a glass of Madeira. He's taking home 30 grand a year and we can just about afford 10 days
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  • September 9, 1910[specific citation needed]The vessel Fram departs from Madeira for the Antarctic Everything is on a reduced scale here in the Polar regions;
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  • hundred and sixty species of land shells found in the little island of Madeira alone, and fourteen hundred distinct interventions to produce the actual
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  • prefer to an ordinary death, being immersed with a few friends in a cask of Madeira, until that time, then to be recalled to life by the solar warmth of my
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  • explained to him] Phill Jupitus: Stephen doesn't have beer goggles, he has Madeira pince-nez. Jo Brand: In fact, every woman in the world has got bird flu
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