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  • (1953). Stalin is one of the most extraordinary figures in world history. He began as a small clerk, and he has never stopped being a clerk. Stalin owes
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  • laws have operated in many ways to the unfair advantage of the few, and they have done little to prevent an unjust concentration of wealth and economic
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  • важно, это - кто и как будет считать голоса. Joseph Stalin, 1923, as quoted in The Memoirs of Stalin's Former Secretary (1992) by Boris Bazhanov [Saint
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  • under a dictatorship, and the dictators carry out some horrendous acts. So you're living in Stalinist Russia, let's say, and Stalin carries out horrible
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  • Somebody sneaked in here and committed a neatness! Hawkeye: Three hours ago, this man was in a battle. Two hours ago, we operated on him. He's got a fifty-fifty
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  • triumph over evil-doers! And you know why? Because I always take my vitamins, say my prayers, and drink my milk! WHOOOO! Who: Owen Hart, Canadian professional
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  • [Leaves in the opposite direction] Mac Taylor: Since when were Stalin, Khrushchev, and Beria ingredients in water? Lindsay Monroe: Never... Sheldon Hawkes:
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