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  • Popeye is a 1980 live action film based on the comic strip and cartoon character Popeye the Sailor. Directed by Robert Altman. Written by Jules Feiffer
    16 KB (2,521 words) - 20:54, 16 October 2015
  • Cum? All right... Snatch Adams? That was scary. A clown with a strap-on. Popeye... I would watch that. "Ag-gag-gag-ga, I creamed me spinach!" Twitter broke
    60 KB (8,649 words) - 02:21, 25 September 2015
  • Adventure: The Search for Christopher Robin Pooh's Heffalump Movie Pootie Tang Popeye Porco Rosso Poseidon Poseidon Adventure, The Postman Always Rings Twice
    31 KB (2,413 words) - 08:26, 2 November 2015
  • am. [A picture of Popeye with a speech bubble saying "I yam what I yam!" appears over the burning bush] Popeye: [Singing] I'm Popeye the sailor man! Nostalgia
    799 KB (127,253 words) - 12:34, 26 November 2015