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  • to see if the person who added this message left an explanation there. South Park is an animated series created by Trey Parker and Matt Stone. Distributed
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  • This is a section of the page South Park. [breaking the fourth wall during a performance of "I'm A Little Bit Country"] Randy: Well, goodnight everybody
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  • Singin' in the Rain The Sound of Music South Pacific Spamalot Spring Awakening State Fair Sunday in the Park with George Sunset Boulevard Sweeney Todd
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  • This is a section of the page South Park. Cartman: Parents? Parents?! [begins a fake sob] OH GOD! [sobs loudly and turns away] Cartman: You see, guys
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  • bother putting my initials on it? Dean: Saliva is nature's glue. Hank: And raisins are nature's candy! Dr. Orpheus: Do not be too hasty entering that room
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  • I've been intellectually bested by an animal with a brain the size of a raisins. He won, I lost. Lola: I don't even think the rat knew he was in a competition
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  • the state of that region fluctuates so much that it could be a water slide park by the time time this comes out), and your perspective shifts twitchly between
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  • will, Rose. Blanche: Tell me what? Clayton: Well, I ran into Rose in the park and... Blanche: And? Clayton: And we had a long talk and.... Blanche: And
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  • sausage. And as for my mother, well, to this very day, she still ain't raisin' no babies. Narrator: That kid snitched so much, he made more money than
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  • travel thousands of miles, you'd have to park there, you'd have to look, you'd have to, you know - Alan Davies: Park?! [Audience bursts into laughter, Stephen
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  • eating for this? Dr. Warner: Roast beef, mozzarella cheese, corn, and raisins. Luckily, it had only been in the stomach a few hours, so it was only partially
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  • cupcakes. Don't worry, though, I pulled them off. [licking raisin on his finger] Oh. They're just raisins. I'll put them back. They're in my pocket. Blunk: Blunk
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  • things. Suzanne: Like what? Perky: Like... when I used to take you to the park when you were about two years old, everybody used to come up and say "oh
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  • got no place to go or you're lonely or you're looking for some place to park your cock. Tommy: Talk to you later. Sheila: Oh that's perfect. There's a
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  • French Couture offenders are pursued by the detectives of the Concert In The Park Squad. These are their stories. [A brutal jewelry store robbery puts Goren
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  • used. Yes, it makes you want to get up and bally well have a run around the park. Jeeves: My feelings precisely, sir. Bertie Wooster: How's Stinker? Stiffy
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  • gosh. [dials and porking rinds] Yeah. Guess what. Slime Princess is in the park, and she's like, talking to a new Nice King, and he's like, totally single
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