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  • Atifete Jahjaga (category Heads of state)
    President of Kosovo. She was the first female President of the Republic of Kosovo, the first non-partisan candidate, and the youngest female head of state
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  • Kosovo (Albanian: Kosovë, Kosova; Serbian: Косово or Косово и Метохија, Kosovo or Kosovo i Metohija) is a disputed territory following the collapse of
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  • Slobodan Milošević (category Presidents of Yugoslavia)
    the interest of all of the inhabitants of Kosovo. Yugoslavia cannot exist without Kosovo! Yugoslavia will become disintegrated without Kosovo! Yugoslavia
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  • 2001 Kosovo is not a part of Serbia. It is the very heart of Serbia. Slobodan Milošević Dusko Doder and Louise Branson Milosevic: Portrait of a Tyrant
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  • Josip Broz Tito (category Presidents of Yugoslavia)
    and charismatic Socialist President of Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia from 1943 to 1980. No country of people's democracy has so many nationalities
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  • my efforts in the preservation of sovereignty and integrity of the territory of the Republic of Serbia, including Kosovo and Metohija as its integral part
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  • Mikael Harutyunyan (category Leaders of the Republic of Armenia)
    security and stability. This fact is proved by the presence of peacekeeping missions in Kosovo and Afghanistan. Cooperation with the Alliance is a priority
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  • cluelessness is selling out Kosovo",, 5 April 1999 : On the Kosovo War [dead link] Christopher Hitchens, The Monarchy: A Critique of Britain's Favourite
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  • Václav Havel (category Recipients of the Franz Kafka Prize)
    Theatre of the Absurd, who became a politician and served as the last President of Czechoslovakia, and the first President of the Czech Republic.
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  • considered to include parts of six Balkan countries: Greece, the Republic of Macedonia, Bulgaria, Albania, Serbia and Kosovo. Afterwards they added
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  • Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani (category Presidents of Iran)
    but because of their Jihad and resistance, we supply them with aid. Likewise, when we supplied support in Bosnia-Herzegovina and Kosovo – were they Shiite
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  • ancestors lost through war. Will the American Southwest become a giant Kosovo, a part of the nation separated from the rest by language, ethnicity, history
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  • rescue mission undertaken in Kosovo as nothing more than the extension of imperial power. He accuses the United States of perpetrating a holocaust in Afghanistan
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  • than I am to Tom DeLay. You know, Wolf, when our airmen were flying over Kosovo, Tom DeLay led the House Republicans to vote not to support their activities
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  • news before you came and there was a lot of coverage of Kosovo and the problems there. They showed footage of people burning an American flag. And the
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  • for that matter, do women in Muslim-majority Kosovo. Just north of Iran in Azerbaijan, which would be part of Iran today if Russia hadn't conquered it roughly
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  • Hanson, June 30, 2006 [39] Nevertheless Kosovo is not the only indicator of a change of mood, of the sort of moral interventionist internationalism which
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  • And theOttoman Empire, Bosnia, and Kosovo are certainly examples of this. Finally, there's a calculus on the part of the perpetrators that they can get
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  • Alex Salmond (category Members of the Parliament of the United Kingdom)
    then the policy must be capable of achieving two things. It must be capable of weakening Milosevic and helping Kosovo. A bombing campaign will do neither
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  • sorrow of our citizens and the Kosovo government for the victims of these terrible acts of terrorism I express solidarity with the families of the victims
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