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  • Hannah Montana is a Disney Channel Original Series which made its debut in March 2006. Miley Cyrus stars as Miley Stewart/Hannah Montana, who lives a double
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  • Taylor Swift (category Pop rock)
    me crazier, crazier, crazier. Crazier (2008) (promotional single for Hannah Montana: The Movie). Every time you smile, I smile And every time you shine
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  • rockin! And don't forget to buy my two new CDs, in stores now! Who: Hannah Montana Note: Crushed by a meteor, and says this before she dies of injuries
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  • [whispers] They're not hungry! London: Yep. I've hit rock bottom. And I don't like rock bottom. It's so rock bottomy. Teen Trend Lady: Good, London, good.
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  • stop talkin' like that and put Chelsea on the phone! Raven: You dated a rock star?! Which one? Donna Cabonna: That's not the point! (whispers in Raven's
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  • Who: Aparoid Queen Source: Star Fox: Assault Main article: Fictional last words in Star Wars media Rock Man. [Rock Man: Quick Man! Hang on, Quick
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  • you're gay for your parents. [Rich is laughing to himself] Alo: Has Hannah Montana died or something? [Blood rejects Grace's request to have friends over]
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  • Danny: Hey that's funny, take it easy there, Montana. Danny: Since when do you know so much about wine, Montana? Lindsay Monroe: We're more than beer and
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  • optimism, we had the Saturday morning hit Saved By the Bell. Before Hannah Montana, Lizzie McGuire, or any of those other high school sitcoms, Saved By
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