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  • the different moments just that way we can look at a stretch of the Rocky Mountains, for instance. They can see how permanent all the moments are, and
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  • mighty mountains of New York. Let freedom ring from the heightening Alleghenies of Pennsylvania! Let freedom ring from the snowcapped Rockies of Colorado
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  • sculpture. This memorial will crown the height of land between the Rocky Mountains and the Atlantic Seaboard, where coming generations may view it for
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  • time, is seen over a drum fanfare.] Mike: Hey, watch out for Mountain Sized Meteor Park. [The logo fades.] Servo: Hey, big friggin' deal! [The title San
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  • presidential candidate. He's half African-American. Ralph Nader, Colorado's Rocky Mountain News, June 26, 2008 [32] Fortunately, President Obama and most world
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  • is Henry Francis Valentine but he calls himself Rocky, because that's the way his life has been - rocky and perilous and uphill at a dead run all the way
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  • greatest fighters in the world have always been white men. Jack Dempsey, Rocky Marciano, "Sylvester" Stallone, and don't forget Ralph Macchio. Name me
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  • Now, here we are at the top of the show choir heap. Nationals! Tina: I wanna hit up Central Park, get my frolic on! Puck: I wanna throw stuff off the
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  • this? Robot: Please make a wish. Rocky: Come on, make a wish like he says. Paulie: I wish I wasn't in this nightmare! Rocky: Hey, very classy wish. Very nice
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  • Giant team, and we put the pebbles back where they belong—as part of a rocky past that littered his way, but in no way diminished the greatness of Fred
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  • shape he fired on could conceivably have been a mountain lion. Mulder: Conceivably. Scully: The National Weather Service last night reported atmospheric
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  • father, detective. Ahhhaahh! I'm burning! Aaargh!! Nooooo!!! Who: Rasputin "Rocky" Kuznetskov Source: True Crime: Streets of LA Note: Character dies in alternate
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  • me tell you something, Ross, there's lots of flavors out there. There's Rocky Road and Cookie Dough and Bing Cherry Vanilla. You could get 'em with jimmies
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  • "Mandy". I don't want to dwell on it. Faith: The road to redemption is a rocky path. Angel: That it is. Faith: You think we might make it? Angel: We might
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  • cup of coffee? Jelly (to Sully): You know this guy? Sully: Yeah. That's Rocky. Nice guy. Regular working stiff. Jelly: He's a stiff now. Bosco (to Yokas):
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  • two weeks. Colorado was contained within the Vicariate East of the Rocky Mountains, a limitless expanse of territory wisely ruled over by the Right Reverend
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  • just living in Colorado. Benson: She dresses more Fifth Avenue than Rocky Mountain. Stabler: I'm...having a fashion police blackout. [When a young model
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