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  • they had to name Ryu's father Ken. Okay, "Ryu" and "Ken"? How could you not think Street Fighter? AVGN: Throughout the series, Ryu would say, "What the
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  • Street Fighter is a 1994 film loosely based on the video game Street Fighter II. The film stars Jean-Claude Van Damme as Colonel Guile and Raúl Juliá as
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  • Enter the Dragon ... the older and more classical Sakiyama-ha Shoreiji Ryu no Kenkyukai (Ryukyu Toudijutsu) deshi utter these remembrances to themselves
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  • yes, I have an erection."] Sagat: We meet again, Ryu, only this time, we fight to the death! Ryu: Actually, no. It's to knockout, best two out of three
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  • have watched you succeed. So I have no regrets in leaving you. (Ryu: Wait!) Goodbye, Ryu, you made me proud. You are a true warrior. Who: Sara Source: Breath
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  • spoken words before dying of a heart attack in a later scene. Kei... Who: Ryu Note: Says this as he is shot by Nezu; he later succumbs to his gunshot wounds
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