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  • 50's Sabrina (1995) Saint Trinians Sarfarosh Sanctum Sandwich Man, The Santa Fe Trail Savage Innocents, The Say It Isn't So Scalphunters, The The Scarecrow
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  • this book, a classic description of his early travels along the Santa Fe Trail to Santa Fe, then along El Camino Real to Chihuahua, Mexico and further south
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  • more than half a century formed such an imposing landmark on the old Santa Fe trail, was erected about 1617. Pecos practically held its own up to the end
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  • Narrative of the Texan Santa Expedition, Comprising a Description of a Tour Through Texas, and Across the Great Southwestern Prairies, the Comanche
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  • gave the community a position in Territorial affairs equal to that of Santa , the capital. The halo of romance and the glamour of tragedy with which
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  • climb it, but I'm not gonna like it! Hey, good thing I brought some beans Fe, fi, fo... forget it. (as a female tour guide) And, on your left, Aaron Spelling's
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  • military force in the area. ...The American soldiers who marched into Santa Fe had no trouble with the Mexicans, but the Navajo stole several head of
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  • city of Townsville from evil. Blossom: Gee, I sure hope we can find a trail. [After changing everyone in Townsville into dogs with the Anubis Head]
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  • created for him... 25th anniversary of the International Relations Center in Santa Fe, New Mexico, January 26, 2005 [87]. ...I think the basic question you
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  • Sorry, two hundred and twenty. Around two-twenty. Beck: My wife was in Santa Fe when the attacks came. After that, uh… Heather: I'm sorry. Beck: I have
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  • day or so later, maybe a week, a year, when you’re going for a walk in Santa Fe or Manhattan or Prague, wherever. And you’re… talking about your stock
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