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  • Australia, officially the Commonwealth of Australia, is a country in the southern hemisphere comprising the mainland of the world's smallest continent, approximately
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  • isolated region-hydrogen. This simple but gifted element is an essential outpost of the kingdom, for despite its simplicity it is rich in chemical personality
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  • 2012-01-15 Youtube video Martin Luther King Jr: "Israel... is one of the great outpost of democracy in the world" by Youtube user Israel SDM2014-06-09 Youtube
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  • The implication is that Philip's Macedonia was thoroughly Hellenized, an outpost of classical Greek culture... Robert Fox, journalist and a writer on defence
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  • privilege to the free men who seek to plant Freedom's banner on our Western outposts? Should we not stand by our neighbors who seek to better their conditions
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  • through privation and exposure and disease, and perishing at the lonely outpost of duty in the act of helping the nation keep its word. But the spirit
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  • with the enemy. He will also make contact with an outpost not found on a military map - an outpost called the Twilight Zone. Narrator: On the following
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  • Bartlet: You think? Leo: Ferente left behind a radio and a soldier at the outpost. And they were deliberately sending us misinformation. Bartlet: We never
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  • is too small. It's like Taonas. It's obviously not a city, it's just an outpost of some kind. Maj. Carter: This isn't Atlantis? Dr. Jackson: I don't think
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