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  • but, I find, he is only a wit among Lords! 1754 A fly, Sir, may sting a stately horse and make him wince; but one is but an insect, and the other is a
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  • with you: your head's addled with novels and poems! You come home reeling of Chateau La Tour! And look what you've done to mother! She's worn out from meeting
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  • the laws, and shape the destiny of the Republic; we are here, with the stately pillars and majestic dome of the Capitol of the nation looking down upon
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  • better be something there for us. Barry the Baptist: It's a fucking stately home. Of course there'll be something there. Dean: Like what? Barry the Baptist:
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  • jut go home to bed. Green Eggs and Ham. Servo: Thank you, Sam-I-Am. [Teacher Miss Martin demonstates good posture by walking slowly and stately.] Narrator:
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  • It was quite terrifying. Esta Canfield: (acting as a tour guide to Pearmain's stately home) You seem lost. Adamant: Bewildered, madam. Esta Canfield:
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  • without a mystery to solve, there's no comic suspense." Barry Lyndon - " a stately tour of European high life in the mid-eighteenth century. The images are fastidiously
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  • ancient oak of Mamre, the stones of witness, such were the simple but stately monuments of the sanctity of contracts; none dared to lay a sacrilegious
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