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  • obsessed with Bin Laden. All of President Bush's neo-cons thought I was too obsessed with Bin Laden. They had no meetings on Bin Laden for nine months
    43 KB (5,921 words) - 07:25, 2 November 2015
  • inadvertently played right into the hands of bin Laden. The invasion of Afghanistan was justified: that was where bin Laden lived and al Qaeda had its training
    45 KB (6,141 words) - 22:29, 11 August 2015
  • Veronica Mars (category Teen dramas)
    person I'd tell. Vinnie: Am I hearing you right? Because you'd tell Osama bin Laden before you tell me? Because back in my day, we had a little thing called
    138 KB (19,873 words) - 19:59, 20 August 2015
  • positions, rivals do it too". San Francisco Chronicle.  regarding Osama bin Laden The one by L. Ron Hubbard...I'm not in favor of his religion by any means
    100 KB (12,663 words) - 06:31, 2 November 2015
  • to be taught in them? Does Bill Clinton decide what's taught? Or Osama Bin Laden decide what's taught? Should you decide what's taught, or should I decide
    130 KB (21,701 words) - 16:13, 29 October 2015
  • different nationalities dancing together, such as George W. Bush and bin Laden, appear, followed by Coyote and the Road-Runner embracing) [During the
    799 KB (127,253 words) - 12:34, 26 November 2015