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Did you mean: the chamber tv series
  • all fit a certain category-- the bully, the charmer, the, uh, surrogate dad, the man possessed by ungovernable rage, the brain-- and any of those types
    33 KB (5,207 words) - 07:03, 1 April 2016
  • making strangers like and trust a person immediately, no matter what the charmer had in mind. page 19 I can have oodles of charm when I want to. page
    105 KB (15,447 words) - 23:03, 1 April 2016
  • Reba McClane: [miserable] How could you help it, charmer like me? Will Graham: [taking her hand] In the end, he couldn't kill you, and he couldn't watch
    60 KB (9,044 words) - 05:43, 29 March 2016
  • lovely? What's your name? Charmer: Charmer. Ranger: I can see why. Charmer: What's yours? Ranger: My friends call me Ranger. Charmer: Are you Scarfaces son
    95 KB (14,972 words) - 10:50, 5 July 2015
  • X-Men: Evolution (category Animated TV shows)
    and you are like an angel. Rogue: The girls are right; you are a charmer. Cyclops: Look, I'm just practicing the lines, okay? Rogue: Yeah, I know, it's
    61 KB (7,985 words) - 03:19, 13 December 2015
  • him, you take it from there. Jude: I don't charm people, okay? I'm not a charmer. This is ridiculous. Lucas: Are you coming on to me? Jude: Lionel said
    11 KB (1,674 words) - 22:41, 16 February 2016
  • comfort zone? Monk: Yes, I have a comfort zone. [He jumps as a woman snake-charmer sticks a python in his face] Sharona: I've never seen your comfort zone
    448 KB (67,342 words) - 00:18, 30 November 2015
  • My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (category Animated TV shows)
    television series based on the My Little Pony franchise. The series focuses on the unicorn (turned ALICORN) Twilight Sparkle and her adventures with the other
    169 KB (25,553 words) - 01:02, 28 April 2016
  • Cold Case (category Crime TV shows)
    Scotty Valens: Ain't it? Lilly Rush: Not to me. Scotty Valens: Who's that charmer? Lilly Rush: A.D.A Kite, he's above cops. Scotty Valens: Ain't above checking
    91 KB (13,432 words) - 00:43, 2 February 2016
  • Peep Show (category UK TV shows)
    start with an obvious one. Work. Mark: (Snake-pit.) Snake... charmer. Therapist: Just say the first thing that comes to mind. Money. Mark: (Everything.)
    144 KB (21,927 words) - 16:31, 27 April 2016
  • Everwood (category Television series on DVD)
    chick magnet. Ephram: So, what's he like? Colin. Nina: He's a charmer. You know, he's the kind of kid who forgets to mow your lawn for two weeks, then
    126 KB (19,934 words) - 16:19, 2 April 2015
  • Blue Heelers (category Television series on DVD)
    would just love it if she had your eyes. Nick: He's an old courtroom charmer, isn't he? I think it's because he wears a wig, you know. Maggie: He's
    118 KB (15,122 words) - 12:44, 27 July 2015
  • Doc Martin (section Series 1)
    gets "poison" on the toil. Louisa Glasson:-Martin. About this morning... Dr. Martin Ellingham:-What? About your visit to the snake charmer? Louisa Glasson:-I´m
    81 KB (12,269 words) - 22:42, 22 April 2014
  • Only Fools and Horses (category Television series on DVD)
    Magnifique, Hooky Street Hooky Street [First lines of the series] Grandad: (watching TV) That Sidney Potter's a good actor, ain't he Rodney? He was
    131 KB (20,013 words) - 20:22, 22 April 2016
  • CSI: NY (category Television series on DVD)
    doesn't carry a wallet? Jamie Lovato: (After interrogating Epps) Real charmer that one Flack: Probably a Mets fan. Jamie Lovato: Do you want me to give
    593 KB (95,072 words) - 19:47, 26 April 2016
  • Adventure Time (category Television series on DVD)
    something in the box. And then it won't be empty! Does that make you feel better? [Jake turns to him] Jake: [chuckles] You're a charmer, Finn Human. No
    291 KB (44,579 words) - 16:10, 19 April 2016