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  • was cutting bread and butter. William Makepeace Thackeray, The Sorrows of Werther Like to a wind-blown sapling grow I from The cliff, Sweet, of your
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  • is helping himself to the Nelsons' leftovers in their kitchen.] Mike: This man is a brilliant tactician. [The movie keeps cutting back to Judy asleep in
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  • going to try to cook. Want to watch the tears and recriminations? Dawn: Destroyer of the universe. Guess cutting school doesn't seem so bad now, huh.
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  • beam back at him Noooooo! Who: Queen Chrysalis Note: Is blasted over the edge of Canterlot by Princess Cadance and Shining Armor and presumably fell to
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  • heavily." (10 October 2010) The strippers in Duke3d iPhone don't get their tits out. Fuck off. That's like cutting Aeris' death out of Final Fantasy 7. (24 November
    39 KB (6,395 words) - 13:02, 21 February 2016
  • of people are out looking for you. Like your friends from Edge City. Lucas Luthor: Oh, wow, Lex, is that a threat? Lex Luthor: You know, Lucas, the Luthor
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  • licking The Edge's face] Butt-head: Wait a minute! This is cool. [another woman starts dancing in front of The Edge] Beavis: Boy, he's got a lot of self-control
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  • on the other side of the glass, she watched the entire thing] Doc Robbins: Dismembering an adult male with this much precision and without cutting through
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  • Top Gear (section The Stig)
    at the cutting edge of cocking about! James: No one has ever done it before because they probably would be killed to death. [At the end of the car vs
    626 KB (94,565 words) - 10:19, 20 July 2016
  • of it. I felt like I was walking into a trap. I felt guilty, like I was about to get caught. Fraternizing with the enemy. I had stepped over the edge
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  • the Freedom of Information Act, which means you have to tell me what I want to know. Sheriff: The Freedom of Information Act is not a magic spell, Delmy
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  • how the better half lives. (laughs) Gwen Tennyson: I read about your resort in "Pacific Monthly Oceania," Mr. GrandSmith. Very cutting edge. Isn't the glass
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  • Let's go. ([webisode version] "I'm cutting off your allowance." Let's go.) [on the phone] Ashley Magnus: All good, Mom. The city is now minus one ugly, poodle-eating
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  • some fast-speed editing! Oh! And it also turns out that the guy who reviews nothing but video games is also reviewing a movie! Which movie, you may ask?
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  • posts are fact-checked. Bree: This is one specific element of the site - Sloan: [cutting him off] For instance, in a post today, a citizen journalist
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  • made the tape herself, allowing her to work the special effects and adding in the Gluten Demon during editing. Cachinga: Plus, her stage name is Francilee
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  • Wikiquote:Templates, especially the standard format of TV show articles, to determine how to edit this article to conform to a higher standard of article quality. You
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  • Renaldo & Clara keeps cutting away from the stage to cinema vérité fantasies of Dylan's life, which occupy more than two-thirds of the movie...Everything circles
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