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  • Unhitched Union Pacific Unknown Untraceable Uptown Saturday Night U Turn Unstable Fables Used Cars Valentine's Day Valmont Vanishing Point VeggieTales: Lessons
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  • clown, whatever he may do, will never pass for a gentleman. La Fontaine, Fables, IV. 5. Talent is that which is in a man's power! Genius is that in whose
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  • he is more merciful to them, he shows them by diseases and dangers how unstable and passing all mortal blessings are, that they may not be puffed up with
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  • d’articles de foy, qui nous sont fables aujourd’huy? How many things served us yesterday for articles of faith, which today are fables for us? Book I, ch. 27
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  • chapter 3, p. 415. And kind as kings upon their coronation day. John Dryden, Fables, The Hind and the Panther (1687), Part I, line 271. A man's a man, But
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  • gained without Sincerity. Fame may also, for a time, be erected on an unstable ground, though it will inevitably be destroyed again. But the last and
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  • think it better to keep a profound silence with regard to the Christian fables, which are canonized by their antiquity and the credulity of absurd and
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  • as it were, enchanted with happiness when the rhapsodist tells him epic fables as if they were true, or when the actor in the theater acts more royally
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  • readiness for fanaticism, without which its ascendancy would have been unstable, testified to a secret and indomitable hatred for that attitude of mind
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  • What has my Celtic blood ever done for me but give me a restless and unstable mind that gives me no rest in anything I do? Damn the Shan Van Vocht, and
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  • Larry the Tomato: We're not here to fight, we're here to sing! Veggie Fables: [singing] God is watching everything you do Bob the Cucumber: [singing]
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  • few species claims absolute exemption from it, whilst the grand total of unstable forms, generally assumed to be species, probably exceeds that of the stable
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  • from one side to another] Crow: Come to Knott's Berry Farm and ride the unstable house. [Russian names are on the screen.] Mike: These names are all Russian
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  • denied Ellen's adoption application as she considered her financially unstable, ruining the latter's desires to be a mother. Ellen was pushed to the limit
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  • by heart, not even fables, not even the fables of La Fontaine, simple and delightful as they are, for the words are no more the fable than the words of
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