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  • Peoples, is before us on the table. The temptation is to think that Vicente Fox, who heads a country 46% of whose people would like to live in the United
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  • puppy dog of the empire. Statement in reference to Mexican president Vicente Fox's support of the Free Trade Area of the Americas, in Mar de Plata as
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  • respond with courage and fortitude."  Mexico - A spokesman for President Vicente Fox said that "on behalf of the people of Mexico, the president would like
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  • I need a nap." "Shadow hide you." "I see you are a follower of the Gray Fox." "Ta! Come see me again, or I'll pluck your eyes out! Hahahaha!" "Wonderful
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  • the other one says 'you make me laugh so much'. Michael J. Fox (2000), in Michael J. Fox A Biography , p. 51. If we allow our self-congratulatory adoration
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