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  • Denis Mostyn Norden (born 6 February 1922) is an English comedy writer and television presenter. He had the kind of handshake that ought never to be
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  • small. There's horseback riding and wildlife-watching in the Pantanal, kayaking flooded forests in the Amazon, ascending rocky cliff tops to panoramic
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  • old Venny. Been there have you? Manny: Yes, I have actually, yes. I went kayaking in the swamps of the Barracas. Jason: North or south? Manny: North. Jason:
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  • Mindi: [To Richard] If we won, I would make out with you. Richard: [About kayaking] This is better than sunbathing because you could, theoretically, do this
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  • think. Emily: You are in a kayak. You know how to do all of this. Lorelai: How does that put me in a kayak? Emily: Kayaks have paddles on both ends. You
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  • Alone in his kayak, a person is sufficient unto himself, has nothing to do with any person except when he himself so wishes. Alone in his kayak, a person
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  • paraffin dip... Kimi: (reading aloud the activities she's signing up for) Kayaking, mountain biking, hot yoga... Daniel (Instructor): I need one more victim
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  • untimely death? Oh, well, okay. He wouldn't want it to interfere with your kayaking schedule. Jane: Wait. I think we should wait. Lisbon: What for? What could
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  • They could! Sam: So? Dean: The secretary's name is Carly. She's 23, she kayaks, and they're real. Sam: You didn't happen to ask her if she's seen any black
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  • Echo!” in a bullhorn, passes by to pick up Gru and Lucy, who look at the kayak for a few seconds, but ignore it soon after and stare at eachother again]
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  • wanted to hang around and see if the fat bloke was going to get in the kayak... [Ricky laughs] ...but Suzanne said we had to head back. So we're waiting
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  • doing the things that give me joy. Charlie: So you're gonna masturbate in a kayak? Jake: You should have seen it, Berta. The paramedics zipped him up in
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  • know you're in France anyway. [after Richard loses the car vs. jet-powered kayak challenge] Jeremy: Very important message there...somewhere. Anyway, it's
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  • invincibly about until I want to flatten their androgynous faces with a kayak paddle! But the lone shiny gold star I stick on for the combat is almost
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