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  • Now it's one thing to say (I say it) that people shouldn't consume psychoactive drugs. It is entirely something else to condone marijuana laws the application
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  • Altered States (category Drug films)
    deprivation research conducted in isolation tanks under the influence of psychoactive drugs like ketamine and LSD. The purpose of our suffering is only more
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  • high-powered weapons are so sensorily overwhelming that they are similar to psychoactive drugs. Like LSD, which can convince people they can fly--causing them to
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  • Originated This self-experiment showed that LSD-25 behaved as a psychoactive substance with extraordinary properties and potency. There was to my
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  • Brass Eye (section Drugs)
    alcohol's a drug. It's not a drug, it's a drink! Noel Edmonds: What is cake? Well, it has an active ingredient which is a dangerous psychoactive compound
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