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Did you mean: the carmen island
  • Cuba (category Countries in the Caribbean)
    is south of the eastern United States and the Bahamas, west of the Turks and Caicos Islands and Haiti and east of Mexico. The Cayman Islands and Jamaica
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  • contradictions: a patriot whose ultimate allegiance was not to Ireland but to the Cayman Islands; a preacher of family values who kept an expensive mistress; a lover
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  • most of you descended from pirates? Said in 1994 to an inhabitant of the Cayman Islands as quoted in "Long line of princely gaffes" BBC News (1 March 2002)
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  • Disaster, p. 293 " The Cayman Islands, a British Crown colony in the Caribbean, for instance, is the fifth largest banking center in the world," Chapter
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  • legislation they offer, whether it’s secrecy in the case of the Cayman Islands or Switzerland, I think the fact that some countries now are offering very
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  • for the Doctor Who marathon. [A series of IRS agents investigate Krusty's check, then place a call to his bank in the Cayman Islands.] Cayman Islands Offshore
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  • Clinton: What the hell's this supposed to be? Felicity: Oh, look at this. You have a bank account in the Cayman Islands. Wow. $2 million, quite the little nest
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  • see, huh? [does a WHOIS search] OK, uh... OK, the domain is the property of a company in the Cayman Islands called... [chuckling]: Charlie Harper Sucks
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  • for a while now, one just woke up. Cayman Islands. Bobbi Morse: Strucker needed funds, makes sense. So what's the op? Melinda May: How's your Mandarin
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  • Top Gear (section The Stig)
    Cayman's time], 1:26, that's what it's worth. [on the Porsche Cayman] Jeremy: It's called the Cayman and I know what you're thinking, you're thinking,
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  • me, he is dying to sell. Forget this place. You guys are gonna love the Caymans! [after hearing Jack's name] Moniker? What kind of a name is "Moniker"
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  • me. And more like Liv. Jeanine Locke: They are giving me $2 million in a Cayman account Tax-free. Might as well profit off it. Olivia: You don't do this
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