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Speed Racer is a 2008 American live action film adaptation of the 1960s Japanese anime series of the same name. The story involves an 18-year old in 2118 who is a natural born racer. When his brother dies he's out to prove that won't happen again.

Written and directed by Larry and Andy Wachowski, based on the story by Tatsuo Yoshida.

Speed Racer[edit]


  • Can I come with you Rex?
  • But the Mach 5's your car!
  • Are you going to the track? Mom said you were, you don't have to drop me off, I can just go with you.
  • Hey, you wanna see my car collection?
  • He was driving a 68 Fendersend, sweet set of wheels.


  • I don't know why I do it anymore.
  • Get that weak shit off my track!
  • If you know so much why don't you tell me why I should keep racing.
  • When I'm driving a T-180 I don't know, everything just makes sense.

Racer X/ Rex Racer[edit]

Rex Racer

  • No way Speed, Pops would kill me.
  • Hey Speedy.

Racer X

  • SPEED!
  • If you say so.
  • I'm sorry, that's for you to find out. I just hope that when you do, that I'm there to see it.
  • Wa-watch the blind side!
  • A CIB man will be posted outside your room. You and Trixie should be very careful.
  • What's he doing here?
  • Do what he'd do. Break his legs and let him walk back.
  • Are you kidding? You don't climb into a T-180 to be a driver; you do it because you're driven.
  • It doesn't matter if racing never changes. What matters is if we let racing change us.
  • If I did, it's a mistake I'll have live with.

Taejo Tokoghan[edit]

  • Stowaway, we weren't sure what to do with him.
  • If we drive tommorow, like we drove today WE LOSE!
  • Speed, what are you doing?
  • Where have you been?


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