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These are quotes from the Playstation game entitled Spider-Man.


  • This isn't the bank!
  • Gotta get to that bank...
  • I'm innocent !
  • (To Black Cat, on What If? Contest) Black Cat! What are you doing-- Who's behind-- why-- Why are you dancing?!
  • Aah. Printing press.
  • (to Venom) Our bad? OUR bad?! I'm gonna kill you!!!
  • (If taken in the wrong direction) Okay, news flash. Gotta follow the Spidey Compass.
  • Listen, whoever you are, no one can control the symbiotes! NO ONE!
  • You've gotta be kidding! (Gets out of building, fire is everywhere, it looks bad for Spidey) Perfect end, for a perfect day...
  • (sees Venom on the Jumbotron) Sad thing is, he'll probably get his own talk-show for this.
  • Let's see what Venom's up to, then we'll tackle Rhino.
  • Not this time, guys.
  • Come on, gimmie a break!
  • Whoever your boss is, he's off his ROCKER!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Rhino Burgers coming up!
  • Are your ears ringing?
  • Toro! Toro!
  • What's the matter? Hurt your little tusky-wusky?
  • Oh, man! Looks like the Fantastic Four aren't around right now.
  • (after seeing "Spider-Man" steal a machine) Last time I checked, *I* was Spider-Man.
  • (In the Green Goblin's secret base) Gee. I wonder who those *pumpkin bombs* belong to.
  • (running from the police) Man! Mary Jane was right! I should've stayed home today!
  • (looking at a poster of the Lizard) Monsters infest sewers. *laugh* Yeah, right.
  • (to Mysterio) Dude, capes are out this year.
  • (to Mysterio) Hey! You finally found a costume the size of your ego!
  • (to a defeated Mysterio) Right now, you're thinking if only you'd taken that giant act to Vegas instead!
  • Tony Hawk. Hey, I skated with that guy!
  • The heating bill on this place must be enormous! And I thought crime didn't pay.
  • Could you make a little more noise? I'm only breaking and entering here!
  • I've got to say, you look just like me. Except you're more angry back alley than friendly neighborhood.

J. Jonah Jameson[edit]

  • Brock, you're a loser!! If I had given a real photographer like Parker that job, I would finally have the proof to send Spider-man out of New York forever!! You're through, Brock!! When I am done with you, you won't be able to get a job taking WEDDING PICTURES IN SIBERIA!!!
  • Spider-Man?! I ask for the police, and I get this?!
  • We can still make a deal!
  • Get over it Gargan!
  • Gargan, I'll do anything!
  • Stop it, Gargan!
  • I'm out of here!
  • It's not my fault!
  • No, Gargan! No!
  • Spider-man!


  • Where is he?!
  • Positive on hit, base.
  • Got him in my sights.
  • Ranging the shot.
  • Where'd he go?!
  • There he is.
  • Dah! Negative on shot!
  • Augh! He moves too fast!
  • Taking the shot, base.
  • Taking the shot.
  • Ack! Negative on shot!
  • Augh! Missed!
  • Lost him, base.
  • Like shooting fish in a barrel.
  • You're mine, wallcrawler.
  • Spotted him.
  • Base. Contact.
  • I've got him, base.


  • My, my, my, said the spider to the smaller spider!
  • I'd like you to see your wifey-poo, but she's in the bath right now! So whadda you say, Spunky? Let's finish this!
  • Say Spidey, can you get us Captain America's autograph?
  • Quit slackin', boy!
  • Come on, Parker!
  • So Just in case SOMEONE...I don't who it could be...If any of you tights-wearing freaks out there wanna save Little Miss Fashion Model....THEN BRING IT ON...Meanwhile New Yorkers...The Venom Marathon WILL CONTINUE *growling sounds*
  • Ooooh, are we gonna surf the web?
  • You and your wife are innocent Parker, our bad.
  • It's SHOWTIME, freaks!
  • I smell bad Symbiote, and it ain't me!
  • Mmmmm... Brains. Yummy.
  • Oooooh! Look at the big brain on Spidey!
  • "laughs" Guess again, Spider-Man!
  • What are you...stupid?
  • *mockingly* Oh help me Spider-man, I'm drowning, I'm Drowning "laughs"
  • By the by, Parker, how long Mary Jane can hold her breath?
  • Mary Jane won't last must longer!
  • Hang on, Parker...Mary Jane is at the next stop!
  • Oh Boy...
  • *standing on a computer desk* Surf the web, surf the web!
  • *when player has lost Venom in a chase* Slowpoke!
  • Webbing you off a wall* GET BACK HERE!
  • Not too far, little spider!
  • Not so fast! Ahhh! Shaken! Not stirred!
  • Spidey? Where ARE you???
  • UGH! IT'S NOT! THAT! HARD!! (Take WAY too many tries to solve Venom's Puzzle)
  • Nah nah nah, nah nah nah, hehehehe! (What If? mode, to the title theme)
  • HEY! What does THIS switch do?!
  • OH, LOOK! Another SWITCH!
  • WARMER....


  • UGH! Cold as ICE!!
  • Ahh! Ohh, you're hot, babe!
  • Hahh, look out, lady!
  • Outta my WAY, Nerd!
  • OOOH! Watch that first step, Parker! It's a DOOZY!
  • UGH! Sorry, lady! Didn't see a THING!


  • I'm gonna crush you!
  • Wait; if I'm a Rhino, you're a Scorpion, and he's an Octopus, what's a Mysterio?



  • (Glushing sound) DIE!
  • Die...!
  • IT'S NOT...OVER...YET!!!!


  • Bring it on, Grandpa!!
  • Venom couldn't stop me! What makes you think you can?!
  • Die, die, die!!!
  • What color do you bleed, Spider-Man?!
  • You killed my brethren!!
  • Bet you weren't expecting THAAAAT~!
  • Where are you going, Spider-Man?!
  • Noooo more Humans, Nooo more buuuugs~!
  • You may have beaten everyone else, but you won't defeat MEEEEEEEE~!
  • OHHH, THE PAIN.... THE PAIN!!!!!
  • I'm going to CUT you!!


  • Oh, for decades I wanted to shut that mouth of yours! Finally that time is upon me!
  • At Last! I will crush you, once and for all (laughs and grows) Now little Spider, YOU WILL DIE!
  • HAHAHAAAA! WELCOME to your NIGHTMARE, Spider-Man!!
  • Welcome to your nightmare, Spider-Man!
  • Time to do a little Pest Control!
  • Oh, ho ho! CAREFUL, now!!
  • You shall not escape me!
  • What ARE you doing?!
  • GOT YOU!
  • I've got you NOW, little spider!
  • Who's laughing NOW, Spidey?! HAHAHAAA! I believe it's ME!!
  • You think you've beaten me? Think again, Spider-Man!
  • CURSE YOU!!!
  • Curse your endless babble, Spider-Man!
  • Mysterio may be defeated, but the Symbiote Invasion cannot be stopped!
  • Doc Ock's plan was horrible! Everyone KNOWS you can't control the Symbiotes!


Chapter 1: The Exposition

Doctor Octavius: Technology is the light that will cut through the darkness. When humanity conforms to a single truth, a truth based in technological progress and scientific method, we will be unstoppable. I, Doctor Otto Octavius vow as a scientist and business man that my duties to humankind will be fulfilled. Thank you. Thank you.
Peter Parker: Yeah, nice words Octavius. If these executives knew you the way I do, I wonder if they'd be so quick to applaud.
Eddie Brock: Just keep shooting Eddie. When J. Jonah Jameson sees these photos my career is going to be right back on track.
Security Guard 1: Check one, one, where's your twenty?
Security Guard 2: Just backstage. All is...
(Imposter takes down both security guards, alerting Octavius and the audience of his presence)
Otto Octavius: Who dares? Face me, coward. Face a worthy foe. Spider-Man?
Peter Parker: Last time I checked, I was Spider-Man.
Eddie Brock: Spider-Man? What's he doing?!
Peter Parker: Gotta get into my costume and take out this imposter. Can't... get free of this crowd.
Eddie Brock: Can't get a shot. Jameson would pay any price to get this kind of dirt on Spider-Man!
(Peter & Eddie bump into each other. Eddie grunts)
Peter Parker: That was Eddie Brock.
Eddie Brock: Who the?
Peter Parker: ...You look familiar.
Eddie Brock: Eh, whatever, stay focussed. He - he's stealing Octavius' device! Oh no, he sees me... my camera, nooooo!
(The Imposter webs Eddie Brock's camera in from afar, destroying it as it collides with his fist)
Eddie Brock: Aah, it's over, it's all over. I blew it again! Oh, I can hear Jameson's voice already.
(Brock's imagination)
J. Jonah Jameson: Brock, you loser! If I had given a real photographer that job, I would finally have the evidence to send Spider-Man away forever!! You're through, Brock! When I am done with you, you won't be able to get a job taking wedding pictures in Siberia!!!
Eddie Brock: I tried to fight it! (Eddie grunts) Can't... fight him... anymore!
(Venom emerges and roars.)
Venom: Again, innocence falls prey to the evil of Spider-Man. Rest easy, Brock. Venom is here, and if it's the last thing we ever do, Jameson and the insect are gonna pay!.
(We see two silhouettes stand before a control panel)
Mysterious figure 1: Phase 1 completed. Let us begin Phase 2.
Mysterious figure 2: Eheheheheh, yeeessss. It begins.
(The two shadow figures pull a lever that fills the streets of New York with a deadly, green fog)
Mysterious figure 2: Ahaha... AHAHAHAHAHAAA! Soon. Very soon.
(Both shadow figures laugh maniacally)
Venom: Parker hates it when I get the drop on him.
Spider-Man: Urgh! I hate it when he gets the drop on me!

Venom: Where'd Spider-Wuss go? SPIDER-WUSS! COME OUT AND PLAY!
Spider-Man: (Hits him in the head, Venom grunts) Tag!

Spider-Man: Open this door!
Venom: Who is it?!

  • (Spidey pursues Venom through an office building)
Venom: Look out, lady!
Lady: Oh my goodness!
Venom: Out of my way, nerd!
Venom: Watch that first step, Parker! It's a doozy!
Spider-Man: Ow, my head! Ooh! Toe, toe, toe, ow!
Venom: Look out, lady!
Lady: Oh my goodness!
(Woman screams)
Venom: Oh! Sorry, lady. Didn't see a thing.

  • (During the chase through the building with the What If? cheat activated)
Woman: Hey, nice biceps. *giggles*
Venom: Thank you.

  • (Spider-Man's Spider Sense tingles and he turns around)
Spider-Man: One more step and it's a load of web fluid sticking you to that wall!
Black Cat: Well, it's not the most romantic preposition I've ever heard...
Spider-Man: Black Cat! I'm so glad it's you!
Black Cat: Nice to see you too, big boy, but you've got a problem. Venom's got control of the JumboTron in Times Square and he's been ranting for hours with a message for you.
Spider-Man: Venom's ugly face on that big screen? Now that's scary.
Black Cat: That's not all. Rhino's on a rampage over at OmniTech as well.
Spider-Man: What is this, the Bad Guy Olympics?!

  • (After defeating Mysterio )
Spider-Man: Right now, you're thinking if only you'd taken that giant act to Vegas instead!
Mysterio: Curse your endless babble, Spider-Man!
Spider-Man: Speaking of babble, let's hear it. Who's behind all this?
Mysterio: I'll never tell you! Mysterio may be defeated, but the Symbiote Invasion cannot be stopped!
Spider-Man: Symbiote Invasion? There are more of them?!
Mysterio: You fool! There will be more than you can imagine! That fog which blankets the city is preparing everyone in New York for symbiosis!
Spider-Man: You're the fool, Mysterio! [punches Mysterio and shatters the front of his helmet] Where?! Where are they coming from?!
Mysterio: Go then. On the waterfront, Warehouse 65 - a secret passage... If only I could watch them destroy you...
Spider-Man: Whoever your boss is, he's off his ROCKER! No one can control the Symbiotes!
Mysterio: Correction: no one before now!
Spider-Man: Spare me the propaganda, okay? This isn't a game, Mysterio! The Symbiotes will destroy everything in their path unless I can stop them.

[Spider-Man runs down a tunnel and into a laboratory, where two men stand and are silhouetted by the room's white light]
Spider-Man: Listen, whoever you are. No one can control the Symbiotes! No one!
[The lights turn off and show Doctor Octopus standing on a platform, with a growling Carnage standing at his side]
Doctor Octopus: I need not control the Symbiotes, Spider-Man.
Spider-Man: Doc Ock?!
Doctor Octopus: We will work as one. 'Tis a new world. Humanity needs the skills that my technology will give them. Symbiosis is the only way.
Spider-Man: Should've known a reformed Doc Ock was too good to be true!
Doctor Octopus: [revealing his tentacles] A perfect world order! Those who will not share my vision will be crushed by it!
Venom: (suddenly appears) Speaking of "crushed"...
Spider-Man: Huh?
Venom: It's showtime, freaks! Ooh... I smell bad Symbiote. And it ain't me!
Carnage: Bring it on, Grandpa!
[Venom and Carnage fight, disappearing into an overhead opening]
Spider-Man: [to Doctor Octopus] Alone at last!
Doctor Octopus: Let us end this, Spider-Man!
  • (After defeating Carnage)
Spider-Man: You are a born loser, Cletus Kasady! Like I told Mysterio, NO ONE can control the Symbiotes... No one I'VE met, anyway. Take a breather, Spidey, it's over. Well, just another day in the life...

[two of Monster Ock's tentacles pierce through the ground]

Spider-Man: Whoa! What the...

[one of Monster Ock's tentacles grabs Spider-Man by the neck and drags him to the floor]

Spider-Man: Is that... Ock?

[Monster Ock walks towards Spidey and lets out a roar]

  • (Ending)
Captain America: (Playing "Go Fish" with all the heroes) Punisher, do you have any threes?
Punisher: Go fish! So, nice of you to join us for once, Spidey.
Spider-Man: Oh, I'm sorry, I was out saving the world. Beating you guys at cards oughta be pretty easy.
Daredevil: Your spider-sense won't save you here.
Punisher: Look who's talkin', Daredevil! You've been lookin' at my cards all night!
Daredevil: I don't need to look at your cards, Punisher. Your bluffs are so obvious...
Captain America: Okay. Okay. Let's keep this a nice friendly clean game.
Punisher: (groans in irritation) Who keeps inviting this guy?!
Spider-Man: Hey, will you guys keep it down? (cuts to Black Cat and Human Torch dancing to the radio)
Human Torch: Hey, hey! Loosen up, kids, I'm on FIRRRRRE!
(cuts to prison, where all the villains are playing Go Fish as well)
Scorpion: Wait. Hold on. Time out. All of you guys were working together, and you still couldn't take out Spider-Man?
Mysterio: (scoffs) It's not my fault! Doc Ock's plan was horrible! Everyone knows you can't control the Symbiotes!
Rhino: Hey, wait! If I'm a Rhino, you're a Scorpion, and he's an Octopus... what's a Mysterio? (Rhino sits on the bench, forcing a Bank Thug to the ceiling)
Scorpion: So, Rhino... you got any threes?
Rhino: Uh. Hey, hey, I got a Bingo! HA HA! You guys think you're so smart! But I won! Who's your daddy, Doc Ock?! HA HA! Victory is mine! You're always laughin' at me, but WHO'S CRYIN' NOW, HUH?! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA-- Uh, wait a minute. I made a mistake... (a very annoyed Doc Ock begins banging his head on the bars)

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