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Spider-Man 2 is a 2004 action-adventure game for GameCube, Play Station 2, XBox, N-Gage, PSP, Nintendo DS, Game Boy Advance Mac and PC published by Activision through Treyarch. It is a follow-up of the game Spider-Man (2002 video game), followed by Spider-Man 3. The game takes place two years following the events of the first game, Spider-Man is trying to balance his civilian and superhero life, frequently late or absent for school, work, and leisure time with his friends, which gets worse as new villains like Black Cat, and Rhino emerge and his teacher Doctor Otto Octavius attempts to build a nuclear fusion reactor, suffering an accident for which he blames Spider-Man.


Chapter 1: What Might Have Been[edit]

Spider-Man: (Narrating) This is my story. It's the usual thing. Boy meets girl, boy loses girl, boy meets another girl. Oh, but, I'm getting ahead of myself. Don't think my life is all flowers and romance, though. I wish. More and more my life is spent out here, fighting the worst this city has to offer. Sometimes it's just a mugger, sometimes it's a bigger problem. This is the city I protect; New York City. It's my home. My playground. My responsibility. (sighs) And this is Mary Jane. The girl next door, the girl I loved. But love is a tricky thing when you live part of your life behind a mask. Fate handed me amazing powers, and I made a promise to use those powers to help people. With great power comes great responsibility. No matter how much I wish things were different, there's only one Spider-Man.

Tour Guide: Well, it's sequel time already then! Welcome back. I'm glad you didn't miss me more than I miss you. Well, things have been changed since last time. They dragged me back and which ways to explain what's up.

Tour Guide: First things first, you aren't a wall crawler doesn't mean you can't crawl. Here's what you do: Hold down the circle button when you've touched an wall. It works when you're swinging and jumping either.

Tour Guide: All right, so the next up is jumping! Hold down the X button and you'll charge your jump, this yellow bar will show how your strong jump will be if you let go of the button. Are you sure? You don't need to jump until you let go of the X button. Okay? Now go jump on a lake!

Tour Guide: If you tap the X button, you'll do the hop. I mean the "little hop". That's just because you don't press and hold the X button! Am I going too fast for you?

Tour Guide: Let's hit the road shall we?! You see this thing right there? That's your destination marker and it shows you where you need to go for your next location. Isn't that cool? When it's in the middle of the screen, you know where you're heading towards the objective. Cool, huh?

Tour Guide: All right, stop right there for an second and check your map. You see it there? The red dot is in the center is you (player) and the blue dot is your destination marker. The line connects each dot to the map represents how much higher than cool thing it is! Well, that makes sense is it? I hope it does!

Chapter 2: A Day In The Life[edit]

'Tour Guide: So, everything is broken into chapters. When the chapter opens with one of these things. Those words zipping by under through the chapter title are the objectives on your to-do list. So, get busy.

Tour Guide: Okay, so the next thing I want you to do is jump off the building. I mean it, just jump. Hey, I wouldn't tell you to do something dangerous and life-threatening, would I? Come on!

Tour Guide: Do you always do what people tell you? You know, there's a word for that: LOSER! So, what now, wise guy? Just a little friendly advice while you're falling to your death. You're going to want to shoot out a web line to save yourself. Push the left analog stick in the direction you want to go and press the swing button. Oh, by the way, it'll only work if there's something swingable in range, okay?

Tour Guide: Great! You made it! So, let me tell you about swinging. Every time you pressed the R2 button, you'll shoot a new web line. There are all kinds of fancy stuff you can do it... Let's take baby steps one out of time?

Tour Guide: So, now that you are swinging first of all. Why don't you just swing an little bit for an while, okay? I'll check up on you. You're fine. Go ahead. GO AHEAD!

Tour Guide: Okay, I'm back. Now for your next lesson, let's talk about.... Hey! What's going on down there?


Tour Guide: Well, that looks promising. The arcade just held up and the robbers are driving away. What are you gonna do about IT?! Looks like playtime's over! For all the stuff you've learned about is to get some action! Swing after that car. Use your destination marker and in your map to lose sight of them. Don't be ashamed of yourself like this, okay?

Tour Guide: Looks like the robbers are escaped on foot. Go teach them justice by hitting the heck out of the guys... I mean, this is not civics class isn't it?'

Gang#1: Oh, trouble! (dies) Nooo!

Gang#2: Y'all... check it, Spider-Man! (dies) Yo, man. Not cool!'

Gang#3: WHOA! The Spider-Man!(dies) Oh, man!

Gang#4: WOAH! This guy! (dies) Ugh... sizzle...

Tour Guide: Do you want to see something cool? Sprint after the next opponent by holding the L2 button while you run then hold the square when you get after that thug: that move is called an "Sprint Uppercut".

Tour Guide: Nice going. Then let's get back to the arcade owner. I think he has more games in the arcade store you'll ever see!

Owner: Hey, Spider-Man. Listen, if you want to play some games come on inside there's all of them!

Tour Guide: Bring up your zoom map in a second, please?

''''Tour Guide: Good. This map would be very useful. As you can see, there are some destination markers and cool useful map locations on it. Check around if you're lost, all right?' '

Tour Guide: The first destination marker goes into the first Spidey store just appeared. You'll buy an swing upgrade then we can go. And if you won't then I'm done.

Spider-Man: City's supposed to be very quiet for this hour. Maybe it's my chance to begin.

Dr. Octavius: Isn't it beautiful, Rosie? This will be my gift to our world. Unlimited energy.. the power of the Sun gives the good of our time.

Rosie: Never forget about the good of, Otto. Eat something. The world still be here in 30 minutes.

Male pedestrian#2: Get a job!

Spider-Man: If you only knew.'

Chapter 3: Punctuality Is The Thief of Time[edit]

  • Tour Guide: Uh. Before we go any further, I think it will be an better idea to save your game progress. Uh.. you know what I mean? Just go the
  • menu and select your "Save/Load" screen or to autosave if you can. Easy, correct? Well, then do it.
  • Spider-Man: Oh, dear! Dr. Connors class! I got so caught up as soon as I forget anything about it! (horrified) He is going to sue me...
  • Spider-Man: I can't believe I am running so late. Uh, I still need to make it as long as...
  • Civilian: Help me!
  • Spider-Man: Ah! Almost there... I was quicker than excepted. Sorry, mister...
  • Police officer #1: Don't.... let them... get that case!
  • Thug#2: Give us that case! You won't get hurt so easily!
  • Thug#2: I got her, let's move out of here! SPIDER! We're going to need more men.
  • Thug#1: Looks like the interference showed up!
  • Spider-Man: Why does this stuff like this happened when I'm running late?
  • Spider-Man: Careful, you'll burn someone's eyes.
  • Spider-Man: I really don't have time for this!
  • Thug#5: Damn! Spider-Man's here already! Get rid of him and get rid of that case!
  • Thug#8: Taste secure!
  • Tour Guide: Spider-Reflexes are nice! In this mode, you are faster than the enemies and you'll see the attacks coming an mile away, you can even
  • do different more damaging moves!
  • Spider-Man: Hi, my name is Spider-Man. I'll be your rescuer today.
  • Civilian: Thank you so much for saving me that briefcase you got it back! Thank goodness.
  • Spider-Man: Why did he want this so badly?
  • Civilian: I'm sorry, I can't really talk about it.
  • Spider-Man: Okay. Well, it least we need you to be more careful.
  • Civilian: Okay.
  • Spider-Man: Maybe I can still make it before class ends.
  • Peter: Dr. Connors!
  • Dr. Connors: Peter!
  • Peter: I'm sorry... for missing class I was on my way. But...
  • Dr. Connors: Peter, I don't want to hear any excuses. You have an keen scientific mind, but your grades are slipping. You missed class half the time
  • when you do show up, you are asleep in your seat.
  • Peter: Yes, Dr. Connors. I understand.
  • Dr. Connors: Have you ever start a paper about Dr. Octavius yet? He is a good friend of mine so you'd better know what you're saying.
  • Peter: Uh... I've been thinking about it.
  • Dr. Connors: No, thinking isn't your problem at all. But that paper isn't going to write itself, Peter. If you don't get your butt working together,
  • you are in extremely danger for failing this class.
  • Peter: I know, Dr. Connors. I'll pull things together. I promise.
  • Dr. Connors: I hope so. See you in class.
  • Tour Guide: I think it is my time for you to check on your to-do list. It'll show you what you need to do in the current chapter.
  • Tour Guide: The white dot on the map and the white destination marker are both pointing you to the pizza parlor, you'll need to get over there in time otherwise... bad stuff will happen!
  • Spider-Man: Be careful with that balloon.
  • Mother: What do we say?
  • Kid: Thank you, Mr. Spider-Man!
  • Female pedestrian: Hey, Spidey!
  • Male pedestrian: For a new guy!
  • Tour Guide: You remember what I told you about citizens when you get to talk to them? Yes, I think they've got problems like you if they could be solving an crime more than that. But you have to tell them what is going on with crime situation. Go ask them.
  • Male pedestrian #24: Freaking super-heroes, they think they own the place!


  • Spider-Man: Ah, I'm still late. I promised I'll get to see Harry and MJ this time.
  • MJ: Peter, you made it! Happy birthday!
  • Harry: Hey, buddy. Me and MJ had a bet going on until you've showed up.
  • Peter: Thanks, Harry. Hey, MJ. I was almost afraid to ask but I won the bet.
  • MJ: I did as well. Okay, Harry. Pay up.
  • Harry: Fine. Fine. Are you sleeping up late, Peter? You look weak.
  • Peter: Just some late nights...
  • Harry: Still piling with that murdering bug?
  • Peter: Harry. You would think Spider-Man just killed your dad.
  • Harry: He did. But somehow I'll get him for it too! Tell that next time when you see him!
  • Peter: Yeah, uh... Hey! Congratulations with those billboards, MJ!
  • MJ: Oh, thank you. It was so unexpectedly amazing. Everything happened at once, the billboards and the play... but you have to come see me at first.
  • I'll give you an ticket for your birthday. Can you swing up by later to pick it up?
  • Peter: Yeah... I'll swing by later I promise. Okay! So, what's up at Oscorp anyway?
  • Harry: I'm just heading up for special projects. We've been providing and funding tritium one of your heroes, Dr. Octavius. You want to see him?
  • Peter: Wow! Do I? That would be cool!
  • Harry: I'll set everything up. Hey, let's eat some food.
  • Spider-Man: Mmm... that cake was delicious. I feel like bloated. I just need to do couple of exercises if I get leaner with this costume.
  • Spider-Man: (bored) I can't even think about what happened last time I saw Harry or Mary Jane.
  • Spider-Man: Mary Jane has been busy acting if Harry has Oscorp, but who am I kidding? I haven't seen them because I can't make it in time.
  • Spider-Man: Harry and MJ are really tried to be as friends and I just brushed them off.
  • Spider-Man: I wish I can tell them the truth but how could I?
  • Spider-Man: Harry's dad is the Green Goblin. but how do I know him about that?

(LATER... In 10 minutes)

  • Spider-Man: Oh no. About my birthday dinner, I promised MJ I should be visiting her this evening. I better move.
  • Peter: Sorry I was running a little bit late, MJ.
  • MJ: I just got here.
  • Peter: It was great seeing you and Harry in the other night.
  • MJ: Yeah. But anyways, I brought you a ticket for my play. Peter, you should think about it: I'm seeing people now. A guy.
  • Peter: Oh, really? Huh.
  • MJ: (deep voice) Really? Is that what you're supposed to say?
  • Peter: Oh my god. (stutters) Uh.... uh.. I have to get going.
  • MJ: Of course you do.
  • Peter: I'm really sorry for this. I really want to talk more when I'll call you!
  • MJ: Yeah, sure.
  • Spider-Man: (thinking) What is wrong with me right now?!
  • Spider-Man: Sorry kids, but the gallery is closed.
  • Thug: I'll make you sorry for came in here!
  • Spider-Man: No, I'll make you sorry for you to come in here, you idiot.
  • (Thugs in different lines)
  • Spider-Man: Oh no! (giggles) You're just a cultural dude.
  • Spider-Man: Hey boys, are you ready to toughen yourselves up for the team masters too?
  • Spider-Man: Did I just say that? No, it wasn't me! (laughs)
  • Spider-Man: (laughs) Really? Is that how you ever say "take that"? You must be the idiot.
  • Spider-Man: This art belongs to Black Cat and the police. Don't mess this up!
  • Spider-Man: I don't think this is a good idea for dudes who ran back to the prison.
  • Spider-Man: Time to wrap this party up.
  • Spider-Man: Just so you know, this art doesn't belong to you.
  • Spider-Man: This may not be art, but I love it.
  • (Black Cat laughs)
  • Spider-Man: Who?!
  • Black Cat: You got some nice moves for an dork with tights.
  • Spider-Man: Are these yours?
  • Black Cat: Please! (giggles)
  • Spider-Man: Wait!
  • Black Cat: Shouldn't you be helping an old lady who is crossing through the street or something?
  • Spider-Man: Uh... I have already done that before.
  • Spider-Man: So, does this mean you have an skin-tight leather or something?
  • Black Cat: You'll never find out. That's for sure.
  • Black Cat: You always chase girls who ran you off?
  • Spider-Man: No. I barely remembered the villains anyway. They got standards for that one.
  • Black Cat: "Standards" is the only word I'm looking for. That's cool!
  • Spider-Man: Hey!(she ran away) Yep. You got away with the ladies, mister. Real smooth!
  • Spider-Man: Who's with that woman? Do I know about her?
  • Spider-Man: That women was pretty incredible, too bad she was an thief.

Chapter 4: All In A Day's Work[edit]

  • "Tour Guide": You know this chapter opening reminds me of something? A Spidey store is just happened to have new items when the chapter opens.
 Although, you will have an plenty time to visit the store and see what they've got.
  • "Betty": Hey there! Got any pictures for the boss or something?
  • "Peter": Of course. I was hoping that he has an assignment for me or something.
  • "Betty": I'm sure if he was in the good mood lately, maybe you'll be lucky. Go on in.
  • "Jameson": Finally! Someone hasn't been knocked out by that mediocre-grubbing-glory-seeker Spider-Man. This Quentin Beck guy is an special effects from Hollywood: says that "He's got an web-head all figured it out".
  • "Peter": It sounds like he is the one who is an mediocre-grubbing-glory-seeker.
  • "Peter": Well, uh....
  • "Jameson": Let me guess, you don't have any pictures do you?
  • "Peter": Uh...
  • "Jameson": You're fired. Come back when you get me any photos of that weirdo!
  • "Peter": I think that's the third time when Jameson just fired me.
  • "Robbie": Peter! Everything good?
  • "Peter": Hey, Robbie.
  • "Robbie": Did Jonah kicked your butt again? Never mind about him. Listen, I have a job you could do for me: We need a picture for our story. I want a high shot of the whole city. Here. If you have an map handy I'll mark you where I'd like you to take an picture. Can you do that?
  • "Peter": Sure thing, I'll be back before you know it. Thank you.
  • "Spider-Man": Who was that guy? Does Quentin Beck know that I'm a fake?!
  • "Spider-Man": I have enough trouble for someone is convincing with thugs that I don't have.
  • "Robbie": This is great, Peter. I knew I could count on you. Take those pictures to Jonah and if you're ever having any trouble getting an work from him, you come talk to me. You never know what I might have for you.
  • "Peter": Thank you for that, Robbie. I would.
  • "Betty": Hey there. How are you?
  • "Peter": Hi, Betty. I'm okay. Is he still around?
  • "Betty": Sure. Go on in.
  • "Jameson": What do you want?
  • "Peter": He said...
  • "Jameson": Give me those!
  • "Jameson": What is this garbage?! Why are you bringing me shots of the city and not shots of the Spider-Man? This is the sorriest excuse... Oh, wait a second. Robbie wanted these didn't he? Yeah, they're fine. Now get the hell out!
  • "Spider-Man": Explosion! But what the hell is going over there?!
  • "Thug": Let's run out of here! Rhino, get that equipment back to base! Understood?
  • "Rhino": Spider-Man, huh? Finally! I've been dying to see what you can do! Let's go! Ah, just try to break through my armor! (snorts) I'm gonna break your bones and make you cry for your mama!
  • "Spider-Man": Rhino. I'm gonna take a wild guess that you're strong, but dumb.
  • "Tour Guide": Remember not to get hit by Rhino's attacks all you have to do is dodge with the circle button when your sense flashes.
  • "Spider-Man": I'm starting to see where the Rhinos are endangered!
  • "Spider-Man": Which team mascots are you anyway?
  • "Rhino": Oh no! The boss is going to sue me!
  • "Spider-Man": Look, I'm sorry to leave you hanging for this Rhino, I don't want to get accused with poaching. I think the police would like to see you anyway. Bye bye!
  • "Rhino": You look quietly as tough as one of your strength men you are.
  • "Spider-Man": Rhino is that an horn on your head or you are just happily to see me?
  • "Spider-Man": I'd hate to do it but I'm going to take away your debit card.

Chapter 5: A Meeting of the Minds[edit]

  • Peter: Harry!
  • Harry: About time, you've got here. Otto was a busy guy. I don't want keep him waiting.
  • Peter: I'm sorry, Harry.
  • Harry: All right. All right, let's go.
  • Peter: Whoa.
  • Rosie: Harry! It's good to see you again! Otto, your friends are here!
  • Otto: Harry.
  • Harry: Otto. Rose. This is my good friend Peter Parker.
  • Peter: It's a huge honor to meet you sir.
  • Otto: Parker? Hmm... my good friend Dr. Connors tells me you're an good student, Parker, whoever can't seem to stay awake in class.
  • Rosie: I'm sure Curt has beaten him up as too, Doctor.
  • Otto: You're right. This is my friend Rosie without whom I should be lost. She is my favorite assistant and inspiration. Come take a look.
  • Otto: Here it is! The sustained fusion has never been possible before. Why?
  • Peter: Once before the reaction reaches a certain point which it can be impossible to contain and control it.
  • Otto: That's right! Before that... using tritium to the core!
  • Harry: Which can provided exclusively by Oscorp!
  • Otto: Yes, of course. Like I was saying, The tritium in the core lends the reaction more stability. Which these arms... will be the key!
  • Peter: Amazing! How did it work? Otto: You'll see!
  • Harry: You see kid, we don't want to keep Otto away from his work.
  • Rosie: Of course you have, Peter. Why don't you come visit with us for dinner. I'm sure Otto will be happy for you to explain later.
  • Peter: I like to. Thank you.
  • Otto: See you next time!
  • Spider-Man: I can't believe I should actually meet Dr. Otto Octavius!


Chapter 6: Cat and Mouse[edit]

  • Tour Guide: Hey, there. How are you doing today? Listen, I got a new job for you. Those tokens are called : "Photo Operation Tokens" I want you to collect. I've added this one up on your to-do list objectives screen just to make sure you're set for this chapter. Let's do this.
  • Spider-Man: Uh-oh. It looks like I better check out that alarm.
  • Spider-Man: I'd knew that she must be here somewhere, I'd better chase her.
  • Black Cat: By the way, I like a guy who can go for an distance.
  • Spider-Man: You're right. The flattery won't get you anywhere from me!
  • Black Cat: Do you like it so much?
  • Spider-Man: Hehe. It was! One thing I would like you to is to slow your body down.
  • Black Cat: Not bad. I just need to push myself for this one.
  • Spider-Man: You wish to take care of that jewelry stuff?
  • Black Cat: What?! Jewelry stuff?
  • Spider-Man: I saw you leaving that store. Remember that time when you've touched the alarm?
  • Black Cat: No, I don't have any jewels.
  • Spider-Man: Wait a minute. Who the heck are you?
  • Black Cat: Who, me? I'm Black Cat. I just crossed your path. Now if you'll excuse me...
  • Spider-Man: Whoa.
  • Spider-Man: Black Cat. Hmmm! Well, I hope she was very cool with her favorite suit but who knows if she gets into her bad side?
  • Spider-Man: Probably she had an husband named Mr. Black Cat. Never mind.

Chapter 7: Pride and Prejudice[edit]

  • Peter: Hey, Betty. Is Mr. Jameson still around?
  • Betty: Peter, he just went to his office and he was probably mad that you weren't here. You better go see him.
  • Peter: He was looking for me? Cool.
  • Peter: Hi, Mr. Jameson, I was late...
  • Jameson: What were you doing here? Get down to the sports arena right this moment!
  • Peter: Huh?
  • Jameson: Quentin Beck has challenged him to go and prove he's for real, he's broadcasting on TV station 2 right now, I want pictures!
  • Peter: He is at the sports arena? Okay.
  • Spider-Man: So he thinks that I'm an fake? (laughs) Quentin Beck, I will challenge your ass!
  • THE MOST FINE OUTRAGEOUS HAS COMING IN! The coolest.... toughest superhero... SPIDER-MAN!
  • Steve: For those of you just joining us the coolest stereotype Hollywood effects dude with our crew Spider-Man versus Quentin Beck has issued a public challenge to the web-slinger. Bob, what do you think?
  • Bob: You're right, Steve. Personally my money is on Spider-Man!
  • Steve: All right, we'll see how it plays out. Here comes Quentin Beck.
  • Before now, your MC and host for this evening. You know about his little advantage from the name of administrator films with cyborg babysitter and the babysitter who cries with bounty hunter's tears. A man who worked tirelessly for the studios of all mankind! Ladies and gentlemen, it gives me any pleasure to start our magic of illusion, the name of expert unknown but one the only... Quentin Beck!
  • Quentin Beck: Thank you for coming, Spider-Man. I knew you couldn't resist.
  • Spider-Man: I don't remember how the workers who were mad at me for messing up their plans as ever, Beck.
  • Quentin Beck: What about that newspaperman Jameson?
  • Spider-Man: Who, Jameson? He is sure as heck about that one who hired many photographers.
  • Quentin Beck: Well, here you are Spider-Man. Let's get on it. Here is your first challenge for this course: Rounding up thugs.
  • Spider-Man: Is that all? Okay, whatever.
  • Quentin Beck: Oh, there's more to it than that. After you collect each criminal drop him into few pins here. And by the way, you'll get a point when you hit the green light. I'll be competing against you, there are three waves of criminals. If I have like no powers and between if you collect too many criminals in a lot of time, the people will find out that you are being replaced by my course.
  • Spider-Man: I don't know what happened to make you so stupid right now, Beck. I'm going to kick your ASS!
  • Steve: It looks like they're ready to start. We only provide for all characters who may match against criminals Beck and Spider-Man will be collecting.
  • Bob: You're correct Steve. There will be ordinary criminals between Beck and Spider-Man who were illegally convicted by the law. He may never know about the name of Herman Schultz; aka Shocker.
  • Steve: Yeah, that will do the results if we can track down our best results.. Oh! It looks like they're starting!
  • Quentin Beck: Ready to lose, Spider-Man? Let's do it!
  • Quentin Beck: How do you like my gadgets, Spider-Man? I was preferring for the whole sorority of all death robots!
  • Spider-Man: Maybe you don't learn about something from this in school, are you?
  • Steve: Spider-Man has taken a better lead. This is how the hero knows how to take control from this situation!
  • Bob: You're correct, Steve. But Beck has a little amount of time as a wise man just said "it ain't over until it's over"!
  • Quentin Beck: I'm better than you, web-head! Today, I am now going to prove it!
  • Spider-Man: All that problems is getting you a lot of trouble!
  • Steve: It's the last batch of inmates and the web-head tells everyone how it is done! Beck is going to have do something better if he wants to make an comeback!
  • Spider-Man: Are you still finished already, Beck?
  • Quentin Beck: I was wondering if I can play some ninja games better than you are!
  • Spider-Man: About that little kid? He was the one who kicked your ass!
  • Spider-Man: That's all of them. How do you like it so far, Beck?
  • Quentin Beck: You're so clever, are you? You obviously have more tricks up your sleeve than I have expected! But still, the last challenge will be the better idea for you to become an man once it for all!
  • Spider-Man: Is that what this is all about, Beck? You care to prove someone that I am?
  • Quentin Beck: I don't have time for that, you are the one being tested here not me!
  • Spider-Man: Whoa! Sounds like I hit an nerve.
  • Quentin Beck: This will be the last challenge, ladies and gentlemen! By now, you have seen expecting to see how Spider-Man to become one of those losers with heroism. But now, we would like to take him into a harder challenge for this ultimate test! It counts as one-on-one against me! Here are the rules, Spider-Man. I built a obstacle course. You'll start here. All you have to do is climb through the end of an course hitting these switches along the way.

I meanwhile, we will be using the electric cannon! If I see you get hit by the cannon like three times, the contest will be done and I get to win!

  • Spider-Man: I don't think this is a good idea to get hit by the cannon. If I hide now, I'll be safe from getting hit. Let's do this!
  • Steve: Well, I agree with you that Bob. Once I heard about the questions you've asked where Quentin Beck decided to leave himself open.
  • Bob: I understand that, Steve. He is about to do this in the hard way if we are going to take his claim seriously.
  • Quentin Beck: All right, this will be your last position. Let's begin.
  • Quentin Beck: How does it feel to be hunted?
  • Spider-Man: Probably not. But you are.
  • Spider-Man: Just to remember that Beck, you are not the one who missed his playground designer.
  • Quentin Beck: No! You missed yours has been rejected for the short time, Spider-Man! That doesn't involve an metal gun!
  • Spider-Man: You just don't get it, do you? Rejection is all about banning people out of business for good.
  • Spider-Man: You would think I'm a good sport better than you, Beck? Huh?! It's all about where you end up in hell.
  • Quentin Beck: Did you hear him say that, folks? Spider-Man thinks I'm going to hell if he ever gets in my way! You heard him.
  • Spider-Man: (groans) You're wrong.
  • Quentin Beck: Come out... come out.....
  • Spider-Man: Oh, great.
  • Spider-Man: You're an little deception, Beck.
  • Quentin Beck: I know you are but what am I?!
  • Spider-Man: (gasps) I can't believe what you've said!
  • Quentin Beck: Why don't you just die, Spider-Man?!
  • Spider-Man: Am I going to disappoint my loyal fans? No, I would not allow that.
  • Spider-Man: I did it! And as for you Beck, why don't you go stick to the movies and find out you're the real one who is capable with?
  • Quentin Beck: How could this be?! That doesn't involve a spotlight! (grumbles) That is not fair enough! He won't win! He will not win! That loser! Let's see how he likes it when I turn this cannon to full maximum power! (evil laughs) What? The laser is overheating?! Stupid machine! Work already... Come on! WORK!
  • Spider-Man: I see that you have an problem with your laser, Beck. I can hear any pills coming from.
  • Spider-Man: That was too easy, Beck. I guess I should thank you for this one. I really want to make a better press for an change. See you later.
  • Quentin Beck: Oh no, this is not fair! He couldn't have won for this. Obstacle course was a good pity course... I think it was... What happened to that electric cannon?! WHY?! (cries)
  • Bob: Hey, Beck! How does it feel like beating up with Spider-Man? What could ever happen to him?
  • Steve: Beck! What did you ever do to Spider-Man since he left the arena? Are you aware to admit you are an loser?
  • Spider-Man: Since the rumors were right, Quentin Beck is the idiot around here. So much for him.
  • Spider-Man: That was it for Beck.
  • Female pedestrian: Hey! You look so good!
  • Spider-Man: Yes ma'am.

Chapter 8: Sugar and Spice[edit]

  • Dr. Octavius: Hello, Peter! Welcome.
  • Rosie: I know you and Otto are looking forward to see me again. You two chat I'll check on dinner.
  • Peter: It's good to see you again.
  • Dr. Octavius: I don't know how I would manage without her. When you find a woman Peter, don't let her go. Never mind about that. Here, let me show you something.
  • Peter: Actually sir, maybe I have question with you?
  • Dr. Octavius: What was that?
  • Peter: The fusion reactor is brilliant, but how will you fix it?
  • Dr. Octavius: Ahh, I see what this secret is all about. I wonder if you...
  • Rosie: I'm sorry to say this but the lecture will be too early for that, guys. Dinner's ready!
  • Dr. Octavius: I guess we shall explain it over dinner, Peter. Can we?
  • Spider-Man: So, his theories supposed to be all about conservations which it is amazing! My head is spinning from talking to him. Oh no! The play! I guess I'll make it right now.
  • Sniper Thug: Cover from here, let's do this!
  • Spider-Man: What? Not right now!!!
  • Spider-Man: How about we should have a little talk about your concerns or everything?
  • Spider-Man: Like... can we talk about this soon?
  • Spider-Man: It looks like you have an new visitor.
  • Spider-Man: Are you okay?
  • Male pedestrian: (panicked) No, I'm fine but... they are getting away from my diamonds!
  • Spider-Man: Trust me, it ends here you lunatics!
  • Spider-Man: Come on. We don't have much time for this. Just to make sure if you are not running.
  • Spider-Man: When I stick around with you guys, I'm going to kick your ass!
  • Spider-Man: You made a big mistake about my day isn't going to get you better!
  • Spider-Man: Is it over? I guess I'll finally have your attention for this!
  • Spider-Man: I'm putting an end to this catastrophe for good.
  • Spider-Man: Finally I did it. It's time to make it to Mary Jane's play!
  • MJ: John Jameson! What are you doing here?
  • John: Perhaps, there was this red head girl with an cast.
  • Spider-Man: Did she say Jameson? Oh god....
  • Black Cat: Is everything okay here? It's sort of kind of pathetic isn't it? Maybe she will be in your naughty list I recommended.
  • Spider-Man: No. What do you care about it anyway?
  • Black Cat: It's no problem, all we have to say is "hello or how are you" some like that. By the way, did you hear anything happened when you beat up
 those guys in the art museum?
  • Spider-Man: I remembered.
  • Black Cat: It turns out there will be a whole ring of them. I just want to make sure if we can search for their hideout either. I'll show you. Maybe we
  should chase together. How is that sound?
  • Spider-Man: Sounds cool. At least I wasn't spying although.
  • Black Cat: You're getting better at this already. Maybe there will be a better hope for you yet.
  • Spider-Man: Perhaps I'm the one who chased you since beginning.
  • Black Cat: I'm glad you made it on time, Spider.
  • Spider-Man: Yes, ma'am.
  • Spider-Man: How did you find me here?
  • Black Cat: Isn't that what you do?
  • Spider-Man: Uh... I think so.
  • Black Cat: Hey, I can be cool. I always find it interesting. Perhaps, if you can follow me here. Hey, stick to me! Don't go too far.
  • Black Cat: Spider-Man, what are you doing? You ain't supposed to be lethargic like that!
  • Spider-Man: Lethargic? A weird drunken sailor who can't say that either!
  • Black Cat: Do you have any time to rest like this? Come on, let's go!
  • Spider-Man: How far is this place again?
  • Black Cat: Uh. No. It's not too far, buddy.
  • Black Cat: You still here? Well, I guess I'm going to make sure if I don't fall asleep on you. All right, let's go.
  • Spider-Man: By the way Black Cat, did you just gone too far without me? You invited me since last time, remember?
  • Black Cat: No. I was wondering if you are able to continue with your own path. You and me? (laughs) Get a grip, buddy.
  • Black Cat: Finally, there they are as advertised.
  • Thug: Get the rest of the stuff in the truck! We have to ambush this idiot before he shows up!
  • Black Cat: What an nice sculpture.
  • Spider-Man: You good there, Cat? Do you like it?
  • Black Cat: I'm fighting against chumps, dude! And yes, I like it!
  • Black Cat: Look out boys, I got claws!
  • Black Cat: How about we should kick your ass from getting shots like that?
  • Black Cat: This is a good fighting machine, what'd you think?
  • Spider-Man: Yeah. I like it a lot.
  • Spider-Man: This isn't about shooting gallery!
  • Spider-Man: Since you boys had an volume discount doesn't mean if you are stealing everything!
  • Spider-Man: So much for the biggest vehicles you have got there!
  • Spider-Man: You got any money I can borrow?
  • Black Cat: (laughs) You're sort of hilarious I can take that.
  • Spider-Man: By the way, we used to be the greatest team of our lives, Cat. Black Cat? Wow. She took that statue. I hope anyone has no bullets inside of
  our heads.
  • Spider-Man: I hope Black Cat stole her statue right in front of me. Why am I being so watched right now? Black Cat is the thief. I really can't believe
  she did that!

Chapter 9: When Aliens Attack[edit]

  • Betty: Hi, Peter. You look so depressed. Having problems with that girl of yours?
  • Peter: What? Something like that...
  • Jameson: Parker!
  • Peter: I'm here, Mr. Jameson!
  • Jameson: Don't just stand here chatting yourself like this. Beck and his news conference and I need a photographer like you to get there!
  • Peter: For once? Maybe he did pass these tests.
  • Jameson: It's ridiculous! Get down here!!!
  • What do you think Beck's got it this time?
  • Who knows? He is a little weird right? I'm sure he lives in Hollywood.
  • Mysterio: Everyone in New York, I'm Mysterio. I'll determine that your planet is right to conquest!
  • (crowd laughs) Who was that? Mysterio?
  • I have been looking for this earlier.
  • RUN FOR YOUR LIVES, GUYS!!! (screaming)
  • Spider-Man: I better get going. The news conference will start in one minute.
  • Spider-Man: Oh no. I think the news conference is already started. I better keep moving.
  • AHHH! Help!!!
  • Spider-Man: Okay, I'll bite. How did the fishbowl getting stuck on your head?
  • Mysterio: INSOLENT HUMAN! You're no match for the power of Mysterio!
  • Spider-Man: Mysterio? Hmm.. sounds interesting.
  • Ahh! I'm not going to make it! I'm slipping!
  • Help! I'm losing my crib!
  • Spider-Man: Those reporters! I have to find a way to grab and take them into exit so I can deal with those flying robots!
  • Spider-Man: A hologram?
  • Mysterio: Hah! I don't need to soil my pants for an pathetic loser like you.
  • Mysterio: If you don't save them quickly, these guys will be burned into corpses while you waste time!
  • Klaatu barada nito!
  • Mysterio: A fellow cretin like you are, spider-human! Even if we speak, my armada will be your city! Our first target will be your Statue of Liberty!
                 You have no chance to survive! Hurry up!
  • Spider-Man: If he is raiding through the Statue of Liberty I better get over there!
  • Spider-Man: I can hardly believe to see what he has done with that statue!
  • Spider-Man: UFOs? Yeah, right.
  • Spider-Man: All right, I'd have to admit. Who knows if Mysterio is going to destroy that statue? I better bring that old lady liberty back to her own
 itself. It looks like the giant brain supposed to be the top of the statue. 
  • Spider-Man: Let me guess, The giant brain! It is protected by the shield and the brain seems to be controlling with this ship. I wonder if I can hit
  those orbs to get after that brain.
  • Spider-Man: That's just plain idiotic.
  • Mysterio: It seems that you are just an horrible dude I'll give you an credit for. I'll have to deal with you next! Come to my fortress, then I will
  destroy your ass once it for all!
  • Spider-Man: UFO's hidden fortress? Shut your traps, Mysterio. This dude is waiting an 2-hour episodes of Seinfeld.
  • Spider-Man: So, how do I get back from here?
  • Spider-Man: Hey you there! Care to give me a lift? I left my wallet with my other costume.
  • Spider-Man: Wow! So his fortress is just looked like my apartment...
  • Spider-Man: A hidden door concealed by the bookcase? (laughs) You're an clown, Mysterio! I guess I'd better check it out.
  • Spider-Man: Oh! Is this some of kind of fortress? Where am I?
  • Spider-Man: Hey, it's Mysterio! A cliche who walks like an dork!
  • Spider-Man: Really? Clown fortress?! I thought you were an alien.
  • Mysterio: Shut it. As much I say, even as we speak, I'm watching you with my own eyes in this door! Perhaps if you can find me if you can survive! But
   anyways, let's get to the top here shall we? Let me introduce you to my friend: Mr. Clown Slasher, he is such an cheerful clown isn't he?  
                       You will soon discover the rooms if he was like the bloodcrusher!
  • Spider-Man: Wow, I thought my jokes are that stupid, anyway. Let's see he gets to lose first!
  • Spider-Man: Ow! When I hit him in the front, he hits me!
  • Spider-Man: Ouch!!!
  • Spider-Man: Maybe if I can time it right....
  • Mysterio: Well done, Spider-Man. Please come inside. And discover the horrors then I'll await you!
  • Spider-Man: Wow.... let me guess if you are trying to make the cover of supervillain decorator monthly, isn't it?
  • Spider-Man: Why am I being flipped off like this? What in the world is going on here? I feel so strange.... that upside down is making my head dizzy.
  But what is this?
  • Spider-Man: Crazy axed clowns?! I feel so dreaded like hell right now.
  • Mysterio: So, the truth meaning of terror in my funhouse of DOOM!
  • Spider-Man: Great. More clowns. Just what I needed.
  • Spider-Man: These clowns do not even fall down just yet. Perhaps I think Mysterio is an clown.
  • Mysterio: So, how does it feel like when my traps bring you down six-feet deep around your funeral, huh?
  • Spider-Man: Look, I had enough of your nonsense but you were trying to put me down for good, loser!
  • Spider-Man: Just made it last! It'll be useful to go down here alone.
  • Spider-Man: Ready or not dude, I'm coming!
  • Spider-Man: Ooh! Kind of scary ain't it? All right, the jokes are over. I need to get out of here and find Mysterio after I'm done smashing those
   mirrors will my only chance to get through!
  • Spider-Man: What the hell was that?
  • Mysterio: The final test is going to be your finest funeral for this wave. Yourself.
  • Spider-Man: Why is there so many of them guys though?
  • Spider-Man: Something tells me that you have pointy ears.
  • Spider-Man: There's must be an better lawsuit here too.
  • Mysterio: Soon, I'll be looking forward to see you get hit by clones!
  • Spider-Man: I don't have time for this.
  • Spider-Man: By the way Mysterio, does your mothership know who you are?
  • Spider-Man: WHO ARE YOU? WHO ARE YOU?! No offense!
  • Spider-Man: Very funny, Mysterio. How about a magic trick? Did David bite you when you were an kid, Mysterio?
  • Mysterio: Enough with the jokes!
  • Spider-Man: I guess he is not fooling around now.
  • Spider-Man: It looks like I found the exit of this door.
  • Spider-Man: A hologram? Why should I be surprised?
  • Mysterio: You made me foil my plans up this time, fool! I'll be back soon if you are lucky!
  • Spider-Man: You've already said it 12 million times..... for your sake.
  • Spider-Man: I'm finally getting the heck out of this place! If I never seen another carnival... it will end soon, maybe 2005.
  • Spider-Man: I wonder what Mysterio is up to now... I had a feeling if I can catch Mysterio while he is done.

Chapter 10: When Good Men Go Bad[edit]

Spider-Man: Uh-oh. I think his demonstration is about to start soon! Time to move.

  • Otto: Thank you for coming ladies and gentlemen! You're all going to see the dawning of an new age. The power of a Sun is now OURS!
  • Harry: Peter?
  • Otto: Stay safe everyone! A minor hiccup! No need to shout at it!
  • Otto: Leave me alone, you pest!
  • Otto: DAMN IT! ROSIE!!!!
  • Spider-Man: Oh no....
  • Spider-Man: I have to hurry, this thing looks like it is going to buckle any second here! I just need to shut down the terminals before the reactor shuts down.
  • Spider-Man: That's two. It gets any worse better than that. I have to hurry! One down! Only one more left!
  • Spider-Man: Phew!! Thank goodness. What a mess. Dr. Otto Octavius... it sounds like the ambulance is coming. Let's get out of here.
  • Spider-Man: Well, but the city didn't blew up... Poor Rosie. Dr. Octavius should be disappointed for all of this... I hope he's alright.
  • Spider-Man: Ah no! I have to get to Dr. Connors class!
  • Spider-Man: Mysterio robots?! Why?!
  • Doc Ock: Curt. Help me.
  • Connors: Otto? Are you okay? I heard on the news but...
  • Doc Ock: I... hurted them.
  • Connors: All right Otto. Stay here. Let's see call the police...
  • Doc Ock: Police?! NO... NO POLICE!
  • Connors: Those tentacles.... Otto. We'd need you to take help. You are feeling drowsy.
  • Doc Ock: Leave me alone, you traitor. (talking to his tentacles) Huh? Yeah. He wants me to turn into a police. Is this how you pay my friendship?
  • Doc Ock: Hmm? Yes of course. That murderous arachnid dumbass. He killed Rosie. Who knows if I'll rebuilt to annihilate him? It shouldn't do like this at
  all.  You're correct. If I am an criminal or to act like an criminal just to figure out what I want. I need money... to rebuild... for Rosie.
  • Peter: Sorry, Dr. Connors... I was really late but..... (GASPS)
  • Connors: Otto? No!
  • Peter: Who was that guy?
  • Spider-Man: Poor Dr. Connors... I think he got beaten up by accident. I need to figure out what happened to him personally. Uhh... I should stop by at
 the Daily Bugle anytime I want, but perhaps they ain't going to let me start my electric bill. Of course not. I should get there.
  • Peter: Hey, Betty. Any chance I can talk to Mr. Jameson?
  • Betty: Hey there, Peter. He's in a meeting with Robbie, but nothing important go right on in.
  • Jameson: Octavius? Four extra arms... Dr. Octopus? That is something what I like to know! Page 1, Robbie! Doc Ock is an vigilante criminal!
  • Robbie: You got it, Jonah.
  • Peter: What the hell are you talking about?
  • Jameson: Oh, Parker. This physicist just went crazy. He killed many doctors and who were working for him as soon as they'll let him get away from
  • Peter: Who killed HIM?! This can't be...
  • Robbie: It is true, Peter.
  • Jameson: All right, just leave me alone out there. Get your ass out of my office.
  • Peter: Dr. Octavius wasn't an assassin? I think it's my fault. It could get any worse if I'm guilty. No! I said no! Fine. (laughs)

Chapter 11: The Underworld of Crime[edit]

  • Peter: Aunt May! I'm sorry that I'm late.
  • Aunt May: Peter.... don't feel sorry. I'm just worried about you. Thank you for taking your time to help me.
  • Peter: It's all right, Aunt May. Let's go.
  • Now about your loan, Mrs. Parker....
  • (screams) OH NO!!! RUN AWAY!
  • Doc Ock: Ladies and gentlemen, I am willing to make an withdrawal. Now it is the time to remain calm and silent so that we can must avoid them at all costs.
  • Aunt May: Peter!! Where are you going?!
  • He is an young hero....
  • Spider-Man: Hold it right there, jackass! Please don't let me fight you to the end of earth!
  • Doc Ock: (evil laugh) Spider-Man... How unexpected. I was not the only one being prepared. All right you men! Slay him!
  • You got it, mister! I'll take care of it.
  • Spider-Man: He won't listen for a reason, maybe it is now or never to fight against his tentacles. I must destroy them.
  • Spider-Man: Those sunglasses made you look kind of cool, isn't it?
  • Spider-Man: You ever heard of that guy named Shocker? He is such an innocent.
  • Spider-Man: I hope nobody understands about your benefit, right?
  • Spider-Man: Listen, I don't want to fight you.
  • Spider-Man: I was trying to help you that's all!
  • Spider-Man: I'll help you if you just let me go!!!
  • Spider-Man: I don't want to do this anymore...
  • Doc Ock: I don't have time to bother with you. If you tried to interfere with me at that old woman's peril!!
  • Spider-Man: NO!!!!
  • Spider-Man: How dare you pick on that old lady! You punks!
  • Spider-Man: Get the hell out of my way, losers!
  • Spider-Man: Don't you dare hit her!
  • Spider-Man: Mess with me and you'll mess with her!
  • Spider-Man: Leave her out of her sight!
  • Spider-Man: I don't have time for you, you idiots!
  • Doc Ock: Shush. No harm will come to you.
  • Doc Ock: I hope for your sake that he cares more than your life when he was an useless fellow!
  • Spider-Man: Gotcha!
  • Spider-Man: You'll be okay soon.
  • Aunt May: How cool.
  • Spider-Man: Whoever said about the Octavius's attacks more than I thought. Somehow I just don't understand how I believe it.
  • Spider-Man: Octavius thinks I'm guilty for killing Rosie on accident... I'm just... very unusually surprised.

Chapter 12: Shocking Developments[edit]

  • Jameson(on call): Parker, drop everything. I don't care what you're doing. I need you to get to my son's wedding right now.
  • Spider-Man: Oh no! It already started. I better get down here fast!
  • John Jameson: Ladies and gentlemen, I am here to give a better applause to Mary Jane Watson! Mary Jane was agreed to love me and I couldn't be anything happier to share some facts with everyone!
  • Spider-Man: Oh....
  • Black Cat: What's the matter?
  • Spider-Man: We threw a football in the moon. (sighs)
  • Black Cat: Uh-huh... maybe he was reading a book about skies but... can you rather let someone go through the nearest speed?
  • Spider-Man: Just what I needed. Love advice from the cat.
  • Black Cat: Are you still mad of that statue? I gave it to the cops already. I'm just having fun with you... We tried to look cute and just to know about the warehouse we visited for. So, anyways, what's the truth between you or
                                     * Mary Jane still single forever? You just don't know her!
  • Spider-Man: Maybe if I remember it correctly.... but it'll end soon.
  • Black Cat: But... (laughs) How?! Why would the man become a real superstar like you are?
  • Spider-Man: Uhh...
  • Black Cat: Fine. I would say about few things about Shocker. But you'd look so sad.
  • Spider-Man: Shocker? What do you know about him?
  • Black Cat: Uh... I think he got escaped from the prison back in the city. I'll show you how he is hiding first of all....
  • Spider-Man: Try me!
  • Black Cat: Damn right you would. Trust me, if you kick his ass that will make you feel better!
  • Spider-Man: Yes, ma'am. I'm right with you. Let's go.
  • Spider-Man: So, how did you find him?
  • Black Cat: Well, I think he probably escaped about your little show on with Quentin Beck!
  • Spider-Man: Is that so? I never knew he is the one being an bad guy, but perhaps I was being distracted.
  • Shocker: Spider-Man! How did you get here on time?! You are not getting away from me, are you?
  • Spider-Man: Hey, dumbass! You look kind of stunned here. Is this what you think, moron?
  • Shocker: (laughs) He's an idiot, huh?
  • Black Cat: All right, let's kick his ass!
  • Spider-Man: You have many gloves I can borrow?
  • Black Cat: Come on, Shocker. We always tried to make you suffer!
  • Spider-Man: Uh-uh-uh, lover. You let Shocker get angry.
  • Spider-Man: How's that tire mascot gig working out for you?
  • Black Cat: Head's up! We have to get rid of these pests Spider! Careful, more rodents!
  • Spider-Man: I have to ask you something, is it very absorbing?
  • Spider-Man: You lost your earrings, do you?
  • Spider-Man: (gasps) Black Cat!
  • Spider-Man: Are you all right?
  • Black Cat: Oh, I was little bit shocked out there. I'll be ready to catch him soon. Listen, we have to go. I got some new plans to begin with. Bye.
  • Spider-Man: I hope she is still alright. I have to check for her later. I wonder what Shocker is doing now...

Chapter 13: Cleaning The Slate[edit]

  • Betty: Peter! Good to see you again! Jameson is just screaming for you, go on in!
  • Peter: Thank you, Betty. Are you looking for me, Mr. Jameson?
  • Jameson: Parker! Where were you at 15 minutes ago? There was a diplomat coming into the city by helicopter he is about to land soon so get your ass down there and take your camera with you!
  • Peter: Okay, Mr. Jameson.
  • Help! They are robbing the speedy mart!
  • Spider-Man: These dudes are holding an convenience store. I better go over there.
  • Mysterio: I'm here to require your currencies if you can just shut your mouth for an second!
  • Clerk: Whatever you say, space dude. Never disintegrate me or whatever.
  • Spider-Man: Where have been you up to, Mysterio?!
  • Mysterio: You dare to challenge the part of my illusion of my NAME?! I'll destroy you permanently! You'll never get to see my true power of mine! Prepare to DIE!
  • Mysterio: I'll show you the true power of my masters of illusion! I will not hold back! You'll face your doom this time!
  • Clerk: Wow, that was sweet dude. You rock in my world now, Spider-Man!
  • Quentin Beck: Uhhh... I submit! Please... don't hurt me!
  • Spider-Man: Well, well. Quentin Beck! Say uncle!
  • Spider-Man: Perfect. It's time to take your pictures back to the Bugle.
  • Peter: I have to go see him right now and I got pictures of Spider-Man for him.
  • Betty: Ok, Peter. Go on in!
  • Jameson: What is it, Parker?
  • Peter: I have some pictures you might want to see. Do you know when Quentin Beck turns to be Mysterio?
  • Jameson: That all depends between Beck and Spider-Man who were idiots along.
  • Peter: How can you read all the pictures and say like that?
  • Jameson: I don't have time for your anger, Parker. I'm trying to run a paper here and make sure my son's wedding Jean-Marie doesn't bankrupt me!
  • Peter: I think her name was Mary Jane.
  • Jameson: Yeah right, right. I'll give you 200 for the lot this time, you can collect your money on your way out.
  • Peter: I hardly knew if Jameson decided to sell papers.
  • Spider-Man: What would I ever do to him? He is lucky as hell if he was an manager.
  • Spider-Man: You need an hand or something?
  • Spider-Man: HEY! I'm trying to talk to you! (grumbles) Damn it, I'm so sick of people hating me. I'm going to the Daily Bugle and teach that poor self-esteemed dude an lesson. I'm sure he took away my reputation for this.
  • Black Cat: Hey, hey! What's the rush here?
  • Spider-Man: I don't have time to talk, I need to have an word with Jameson!
  • Black Cat: Whoah, calm down there, hero!
  • Spider-Man: That paper has turned half the city against me! I'm tired of this crap!
  • Black Cat: Well, I'm sure one of the raging people going to offices and screaming will clear everything up. All I was saying, you may have to calm down.
  • Black Cat: You have to do something like fighting is your favorite, although. You know you can swing buildings by wearing one of your colored tights.
  • Spider-Man: I like my costume.
  • Black Cat: The point is here you are, powers far beyond those of dead men and you are punching on a rooftop. What was that for?
  • Spider-Man: I guess you're right. Now what we do?
  • Black Cat: We do? Yes, we did find Shocker again. We were dying to get some payback!
  • Spider-Man: Sounds cool.
  • Black Cat: All right, let's go!!
  • Spider-Man: I'm surprised we found Shocker again this time. We rather go around the places like we did before.
  • Black Cat: Well, I hope finding out wasn't supposed to be that easy. We should go for some quiet places to enter if we had enough time.
  • Spider-Man: You're right.
  • Black Cat: There are many Shocker's goons out there, we should do something about that huh?
  • Spider-Man: Yep, I'm on it.
  • Black Cat: That was some cool fighting you got there!
  • Spider-Man: Thanks.
  • Black Cat: More shocker's boys!
  • Spider-Man: I'll handle it.
  • Black Cat: All right, let's move on.
  • Spider-Man: Oh yeah!
  • Spider-Man: Whoah. What is this? Oscorp's old research lab is where Shocker hides here?
  • Black Cat: Yeah. I think I heard it is some like propulsion. Never mind about that. See you soon.
  • Shocker: About time you jackasses still here, I was the unoriginal man in New York where to find me!
  • Black Cat: Oh no!
  • Spider-Man: Don't... listen to him, Cat. He is just an innocent bestial. But never mind about that.
  • Spider-Man: Oh god....
  • Black Cat: I need your help, Spider! We're going to have to find a way to shut down his force fields!
  • Black Cat: That does it. It looks like you are going to find an switch to deactivate his force fields.
  • Black Cat: That should do the trick! Look at that shield going down. Now, let's beat up Shocker. Are you ready?
  • Spider-Man: Careful. He's still dangerous.
  • Spider-Man: I guess Shocker was a jackass after all. How is that make you feel when you lose power?
  • Black Cat: Is he the one who gave you trouble?
  • Spider-Man: I think so.
  • Black Cat: Hold on! I'll try to hack the shield.
  • Black Cat: Yeah, I did it! Just hit the same switch like I did!
  • Black Cat: I hope he wasn't a real tough guy without his force fields.
  • Spider-Man: Remember that trainwreck we used to fight huh?
  • Black Cat: That shield is trying to piss me off! I better find a better way to shut this damn thing down!
  • Spider-Man: So, does this mean you got off the traction?
  • Shocker: Hah ha! No! Seriously not!
  • Black Cat: Yeah. This is the best part of your life like fighting supervillains?
  • Spider-Man: I guess so. You're right. I feel so much better.
  • Black Cat: You see. I told you you're damn right. Stick to me when you're fine. Come see me around when you're feeling depressed, okay? See you soon.
  • Spider-Man: She is pretty amazing, ain't it Shocker?
  • Shocker: (groans) I thought my mid-career days supposed to be over now...
  • Spider-Man: What the hell are you talking about?!
  • Spider-Man: If only my idea is going to be something like fighting over bad guys like we are in.

Chapter 14: Burning Bridges[edit]

  • Spider-Man: The play! Now it is my chance!
  • Spider-Man: I can't believe I missed it again...
  • MJ: Good night, guys. See you tomorrow!
  • Thug: What's up punk? Give me your stupid money!
  • MJ: I hate you!!!!
  • Spider-Man: You good now?
  • MJ: Great timing. But what are you doing here?
  • Spider-Man: You know me, I always hang around.
  • MJ: But I'm getting married. I don't know what if you've heard.
  • Spider-Man: Oh, really? What was he like?
  • MJ: He was.... there. He knows me so well and now he is there.
  • Spider-Man: I see. I have to get back to my patrol. See you soon.
  • MJ: Yeah. One of these guys tried to come after me, isn't it?
  • Spider-Man: It's a real proposition.
  • Spider-Man: How am I supposed to tell her the truth like that? I can't believe she is getting married and I was a loser anyway. Ugh. Should I meet Black Cat this time? Much obliged.
  • Black Cat: Heyy. Where were you at this time?
  • Spider-Man: I was like... running late?
  • Black Cat: You worked too hard. Just to imagine if this was the better team, this is so much fun, I mean "this is how we are going to start our trial sometimes I feel don't like it", ain't it?
  • Black Cat: How about this? Take this beautiful stuff off out of yours.
  • Spider-Man: I'm confused, but you don't know why I am doing this.
  • Black Cat: What? They killed by the mugger? Kidnapped by the aliens? Who sold you to the circus? It doesn't matter, whatever you think it is; there is no reason to change, what's done is done: you have to think about it.
  • Spider-Man: Hippie.
  • Black Cat: All right, fine. If you wish. All I was saying is, you might be sick or something.
  • Spider-Man: I suppose you have an perfect wish to say that to me where I take care of my minds and problems too.
  • Black Cat: Now that you'd know it, there is something I like to talk about... Do you know there's a warehouse on the westside near the convention center? We should track down those thugs quickly. I'll race you there.
  • Spider-Man: Be my guest!
  • Spider-Man: I'm just getting started! Hey, Black Cat! Come here! You want to find something tough to begin, huh? You used to be fast are you?
  • Black Cat: Perhaps I was fast enough better than you!
  • Spider-Man: Did we win this time?
  • Black Cat: You're hilarious, dude. Real hilarious. All right, let's get going.
  • Black Cat: Supposedly whatever they're selling it is pretty big deal.
  • All right, people. You know why you're here. Let's kill them at once!
  • Black Cat: I bet we should be going to kick one of your enemies asses!
  • Waist them!
  • Spider-Man: Don't think you got to like show us like your auction tag? Next time, go play on Internet!
  • Spider-Man: The armor looks nice out there, perhaps it will count as 2 members who designed this.
  • Spider-Man: What the hell are you doing, Black Cat? We had a drop on these guys!
  • Black Cat: It is kind of all fun, you think?
  • Spider-Man: Okay, that's just irresponsible!
  • Black Cat: What are you so mad about? We did it!
  • Black Cat: Oh, well, excuse me that is something what I don't like about! Until now...
  • Spider-Man: Is she right? Am I the one being tortured myself? Do I really need to give up as Peter Parker to be Spider-Man? What would everyone think of me first? Who knows? Maybe it's not like where they'd remember me. Mary
    Jane... Harry and Aunt May... I have no idea what this is about but I really don't want to let them quit anyway.. So, what would I have become? A loser superhero or an normal man who quits together? No, I can't quit.
                                      I have helped so many of them. I can't let myself get into this depression anymore, things never work out. Maybe I can balance with them both, I should track down Black Cat.
  • Black Cat: I was wondering that you'd show up.
  • Spider-Man: We need to chat.
  • Black Cat: Uhm? Okay, talk then.
  • Spider-Man: I don't think I can see you anymore.
  • Black Cat: Hysterical blindness?
  • Spider-Man: What was that? Oh nothing about that. I finally realized something, I'm just like nobody else. I can't let you do all my favors for me, my powers and responsibilities will take a little time to become an man. That's
                                                        why I am doing this for anyone, who knows if they are better than me?
  • Black Cat: I can't deny if someone thinks you're only yourself from anyone else, but let's say, friends?
  • Spider-Man: Can we still be friends?
  • Black Cat: Don't feel sorry about yourself. But once I crossed your path, I am not able to get rid of... Leave. You'll find your woman. That is what you'll need, right? You just tried to hurt yourself while you listened to me at
                                                                      once, you'll do whatever you like.
  • Spider-Man: Uhh... thanks.
  • Black Cat: See you later.
  • Spider-Man: I can do it. I can balance both if it wasn't too late. Maybe he wants to live with Mary Jane, I imagine.
  • MJ: Peter?
  • Peter: Mary Jane. There's something else I like to ask. I know that I was not like there for like six to eight minutes ago once I followed my path into that direction. I just figured out something, I know who am I going to be
                           this time and just figured it all out and that is why I am telling the truth. I want to be like you.
  • MJ: Damn it, Peter.... I'm getting married to John tomorrow. (cries) Just go away..... Peter. Good night.
  • Spider-Man: What the hell? I must be totally weird if things don't work out at first. The danger? I felt sorry for this. I have to leave her out of this. Maybe she's got Harry.
  • Harry: Who in the hell?
  • Doc Ock: Hello, Harry. So nice that you've brought here.
  • Harry: (chokes) Octavius!
  • Doc Ock: I'm so glad you still know me at all, I have a problem to figure it out how you can solve this one for me.
  • Harry: Tritium.... (coughs) All you need is tritium...
  • Doc Ock: You're right.
  • Harry: Let's make a deal... you want the same thing, don't you?
  • Doc Ock: Oh, and what would that be?
  • Harry: Spider-Man....
  • Doc Ock: Please. What are you got to say for yourself?
  • Harry: You hate Spider-Man as much as I do. Both of us are lost someone we love because of this moron. If you bring him to me alive, the tritium is now yours.
  • Doc Ock: We have a hard bargain. Now how much we have chance to deal with that freak?
  • Harry: Go find Peter Parker! He's taking pictures of that dumb bug for the Bugle. He'll know where to find him.
  • Harry: And don't forget about that!
  • Spider-Man: And yes, Harry is the truest friend I'll ever be. But I don't give a rat's ass about Mary Jane anymore. Mary Jane must have been hating me like I did the other night. I have to apologize to her next time I'll see

Chapter 15: To Save The City[edit]

  • MJ(on phone): Hi, Peter. I didn't remember about what happened last night. But, we need to talk. Maybe we should talk about it until you get here.
  • Spider-Man: I hope she is still talking to me at least. From now on, I was going to say sorry to her once before I get there.
  • MJ: I've been thinking about you... about what you have said in the other night.
  • Peter: LOOK OUT!!!!
  • Doc Ock: Uh-huh. Parker. It looks like you have an message from me... If you want to save this woman alive again, tell your critic photogenic-spider that he'll meet me alone at the Enric towers 3:00 this afternoon.
  • Spider-Man: Okay, Doctor. I'm here where is she?
  • Doc Ock: Oh, she is safe, Parker. Why don't you come and get her?
  • Doc Ock: No more stops between here in the end of the crossroad!
  • Spider-Man: Please let her go now....
  • Doc Ock: What? Did you see her here? No! I'm not asking for that hostage anyway.
  • Spider-Man: She didn't do anything from you!
  • Doc Ock: What? Did Rosie do anything from you? Did she?!
  • Spider-Man: I didn't kill Rosie!
  • Doc Ock: Oh, is that so? You were wasting my life this time!
  • (First fight ends)
  • Spider-Man: I have to stop this train right now!!!
  • Doc Ock: Leave now, pests! I have business with your savior.
  • Harry: Wow, you did it!
  • Doc Ock: Of course, we shouldn't to conclude our business.
  • Harry: I have a tritium here.
  • Doc Ock: It was nice doing business with you, Osborn. It was our pleasure to meet you some other time.
  • Harry: Before I have you killed, I want to see who you are!
  • Harry: Peter?! How can you be Spider-Man?! He killed my dad! My... my father liked you like an son! Like an son...
  • Peter: Harry, we don't have much time! Doc Ock has MJ! You have to tell me where Octavius is and I have to save MJ right now!
  • Harry: Mary Jane.... Octavius! I think he has an lab set up with a abandoned pier she is probably there.
  • Peter: We'll talk later, Harry. I promise.
  • Spider-Man: Please be alright... something bad is going to happen!
  • Doc Ock: At last! My masterpiece recreated for Rosie if only we could see it!
  • Spider-Man: Don't worry. I'll get you out of here soon.
  • Doc Ock: I had enough one of your cheap theatrics, you little worm. I've seen it worse before Osborn decided to kill you, however I should reenact kicking your ass!
  • MJ: Peter...
  • Doc Ock: Well. Well. It's you! You have been attacking me all along. You killed my Rosie! But I'm going to kill the woman you love, from now on I'm going to kick your ass!
  • Spider-Man: No one is going to get hurt this time, Doctor! This ENDS here!
  • Doc Ock: Of course!
  • Spider-Man: That's one. But how am I going to find these terminals to deactivate first?
  • Spider-Man: I can't help you this time, Doctor! The city will end soon!
  • Doc Ock: Even you are going to die first, idiot.
  • Doc Ock: This experiment gives me the truth meaning of POWER!
  • Spider-Man: Last switch. I just need to find one more!
  • Spider-Man: That should do it. Hold on, I think the reactor is still running on here. I must concentrate.
  • Spider-Man: Why didn't that work? I switched off all generators just like last time. This happens to me!
  • Doc Ock: My shield!!!
  • Spider-Man: Lost your shield huh? It's on now.
  • Doc Ock: Parker, you will pay for this!
  • Spider-Man: We'll see that!
  • Spider-Man: Listen, I don't want you to hurt anyone from this again!
  • Doc Ock: Oh, you were wrong about that.
  • Spider-Man: Look at your arms, they're controlling you!
  • Doc Ock: What have we done? What do I do?
  • Spider-Man: Dr. Octavius! We have to stop that reactor before it is too late!
  • MJ: This is terrible.
  • Doc Ock: There's one way to do. Get her out. I'm sorry for this accident, Peter. You weren't the one who is blamed for this. My hubris and the vanity cost of her life. I'll put a end to this nonsense.
  • Spider-Man: Hold tight!
  • Spider-Man: I'm sorry I didn't tell you about this, MJ. I want to but, I hadn't tried to ask you too much.
  • Mary Jane: I think a part of me always knew.
  • Spider-Man: Now you can't see why I had been with you for a while, It would be fair to ask selfish if you want to marry.... what's his name John.
  • Mary Jane: Peter....
  • Peter: Come on in!
  • Mary Jane: Are you expecting someone?
  • Peter: MJ?! I thought... you should be married. Woah..
  • Mary Jane: I have better decisions, this involves both of us too. You need to trust me to make my own choice, Peter. I know who you are, I know what I'm choosing, but I want to become like you that would be our story... Today.
  • Mary Jane: Go get him, baby.
  • Spider-Man(narrating): Mary Jane. The girl next door, the girl I love. Between somehow she'll become my maid in the end of the day. Fate handed me amazing powers, to begin with those powers come with the birth of our
  responsibility. Somehow this makes me feel enjoyable from being here. From now on, it's over to begin with. After all, there's still only one: Spider-Man!!


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