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Spin City (1996–2002) was a United States sitcom, that starred Michael J. Fox, Barry Bostwick, Richard Kind, Alan Ruck and Michael Boatman.

Season One


Pilot [1.1]

Mike: Who here is gay?
(Mike turns to Karen, who is smiling and giggling.)
Mike: Not that kind of gay.

Nikki: (on phone): I didn't mean to scare you, it was just a simple run of the mill orgasm... (Mike walks up) ...Can you hold on a second, Mom?
Mike: Oh, I'll let you get back to your mom, before she loses her erection.

Reporter: Mr. Mayor, would you consider marching in the gay pride parade this week?
Mayor: What are you, drunk?

The Great Pretender [1.2]


The Apartment [1.3]


Pride and Prejudice [1.4]


The Rivals [1.5]

Mike: (about Mayor Garfield's passing) We need to get working on your statement.
Mayor: I killed him. I killed him dead.
Mike: That's a good starting point. How about softening it up a little?

Mayor: It's not jealousy; I just wish I had what he had.

Nikki: They had a candle light vigil at the fountain last night. Hundreds showed up.
Carter: Of course only five people could fit around it at one time. They had to vigil in shifts.

A Star Is Born [1.6]


Grand Illusion [1.7]

Mayor Winston: Even if I were prejudiced against gays, I'd want 'em to get married. Give them a taste of the nightmare the rest of us live through every day.

The High and the Mighty [1.8]


Meet Tommy Dugan [1.9]


The Competition [1.10]

Carter: Believe it or not, I came out at Thanksgiving.
Nikki: How'd you pull that off?
Carter: Very subtle. "Dad, great job carving the turkey. I'm a homosexual."
Nikki: Well, every year, I go to my sister's house, hug her three beautiful children, then my family gathers round, ties me to a chair, and pummels me with questions about why I'm not married yet.
Stuart: Me, my mom, my dad, three Hungry Man dinners, and a big box of wine. The first "I hate you" comes out around 9:30.

Dog Day Afternoon [1.11]

Stuart: You see grasshopper, one must understand the rhythms of the game-. WAAAAHH!! -In order to truly master ebb and flow, ying and yang. Are you prepared to do battle?
Janelle: No, I want you to talk some more.

Criss Cross [1.12]


Bye Bye Love [1.13]


Starting Over [1.14]

Mike: I'm not a club kinda guy. If I wanna shout, I'll go visit my grandmother.

Carter: It's not like I'm sleeping with every man in town. You are straight. Do you sleep with every woman you meet?
Stuart: YES!

Gabby's Song [1.15]


Kiss Me, Stupid [1.16]


An Affair to Remember [1.17]


Snowbound [1.18]


Striptease [1.19]


Deaf Becomes Her [1.20]

Stuart: Who's looking out for the white middle-class, heterosexual male?
Carter: Congress.

Hot in the City [1.21]

Paul: C'mon trade with me, my nuns for your lesbians.
Carter: They're not baseball cards, Paul.

Paul: What do lesbians know about me? This could be a fabulous opportunity!
Stuart: To remind them why they're lesbians?

Mike: Are you telling me that your pregnant?
Carrie: No, but I will be thanks to you.
Mike: Wait a second, am I missing a step here, cause if you're talking about last night, I took precautions, we took precautions!
Carrie: Let't just say I'm the kinda girl who never throws anything away...I put it in the freezer.
Mike: You froze my guys?!
Carrie: I'm just here to get your blessing.
Mike: What am I, the pope?!
Carrie: Don't yell at me!
Mike: Those are my guys, I want them back!
Carrie: Look, if you're gonna be all weird about this, I'm just gonna leave!
Mike: You can't do this! (opens office door) GIMME BACK MY SPERM!

Paul: As a show of good faith, you have to release 1, maybe 2 million of the hostages.

Bone Free [1.22]

Mike: Basically, by 6 o'clock, anyone in the city with breasts is going to hate us.
Stuart: Welcome to my world.

Nikki: Why couldn't the Mayor just stand up?
(Male coworkers chuckling)
Nikki: What? What am I missing?
Mike: How am I gonna explain this. Okay, Nikki. Even though the Mayor wasn't actually standing...he was at full attention.
Nikki: Nooo.
Mike: Yes, now how are we gonna explain this little snub to the Woman's Action Caucus?
Stuart: Snub? The man paid the woman the ultimate compliment!
Mike: Yeah, if they were orangutans.

Nikki: Can't you guys control those things?
Stuart: Not always.
Mike: You can scold it, or smack it around a little bit. That only seems to encourage it.
Nikki: I am fascinated.
James: Sometimes all it takes is a thought, memory...sometimes all it takes is a slight breeze.

Stuart: Why do women always go for losers like him?
Carter: What, instead of losers like you?

James: We've got to rescue her from that monster!
Mike: He's her boyfriend, he's not Jason.

Nikki: George is not some kind of deadbeat. I'll have you know that he's a writer! [Mike, Carter, and Stuart all groan] He's writing a screenplay! [They groan louder] What's wrong with that?!
Mike: He's a writer! That's like an actor who's too lazy to work at a restaurant!
Stuart: He's using you for a free ride, Nikki. Trust me, I know guys like him...I am guys like him.

Paul: If you'd given me any more time I could've recovered.
Mike: Paul, if I'd have given you any more time up there, you would have declared the Mayor dead.

Mayor: It was back in the '60s, and I was at this party and some idiot spiked the Kool-Aid. Before I knew it, I was 3/4 up a pine tree, naked as a jay bird, trying to get away from all the giant bugs, there.
Mike: Well, there you have it. Okay, so I tell the press that you were in a mental hospital...because you were taking acid.
Mayor: Coincidentally, that was the same night I decided to run for Mayor.

Mike: Playing doctor should be left to qualified professionals. And of course, curious youngsters.

The Mayor Who Came to Dinner [1.23]


Mayor Over Miami [1.24]


Season Two


Paul Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest [2.1]


Porn in the U.S.A. [2.2]

Mike: (to the porn actresses) I'm Deputy Mayor Michael Flaherty, and I'm going to pretend I don't know who any of you are.

Mike: (to Stuart) Ok, Stuart. Inside that is some of the biggest names in the porn business. Your heroes.

Carter: Can't you tell if a man is handsome?
Stuart: Huh, nice try.

Nikki: I can't get from ESPN to the Comedy Channel without some big penis waving in my face.
James: Where are you watching television?

Mayor: (reading cue cards) Good afternoon, all. I want to start out with a personal outrage that has been going on too long. Public access... (switches cards) ...pornography.
Mike: (to James) You want to work on where you break those cards.
Mayor: (reading cue cards) I just want to make sure that material with graphic sexual content is available and seen... (switches cards) ...only by those people who specifically want to see it.
Mike: (to James) Ok, you did that one on purpose.

Mike: (on the porn industry) Is lack of exposure really a problem for them?

Mike: I have a penis.
Nikki: Don't make me get my purse.

Wonder Woman [2.3]


The Goodbye Girl [2.4]


Carter Haywood: Well, I do have another idea, but its a little far fetched.

Mike Flahrety: I don't care, I'm desperate

Carter Hayward: All right, you're gonna have to get your hands on a time machine

Mike Flahrety: Is it so hard for you woman to pick up the phone?

In the Heat of the Day [2.5]


Radio Daze [2.6]

Drew West: So, Randy, what was the deal with your book signing? I heard the only person that show up was your ex-wife and she just wanted directions to my book signing. See, she already knows the way to my house.
Mayor Winston: Yes, well, Helen always did love doing charity work.
Drew West: Oh, I think I just got slammed by the Mayor
Mayor Winston: Helen used to love that too
Janelle Cooper: Ok, you first
Nikki Faber: Four seasons, silk sheets, champagne, he's wearing his uniform
Janelle Cooper: Secluded beach, full moon, he's wearing his uniform
Stacy Paterno: Right here, right now, I'M wearing his uniform

The Thirty Year Itch [2.7]


My Life is a Soap Opera [2.8]


Family Affair (1) [2.9]

Paul: When I bite into a York peppermint patty...I get shot.

Family Affair (2) [2.10]


They Shoot Horses, Don't They? [2.11]

Stacey: I can tell when people are lying. It's a gift.
James: You know, I have a friend who can do the same thing.
Stacey: No you don't.

Stuart: Why wouldn't you ask me to look after The Mayor's daughter?
Mike: Same reason they don't give guns to monkeys

Miracle Near 34th Street [2.12]

Mike: As my assistant, occasionally you may need to assist me.

Stacey: Every time I throw a Christmas party, someone dies.
Janelle: I guess every family has their traditions.

Paul: So to sum up ladies and gentlemen...I don't know

James: Every year, my mom makes a whole Nativity scene out of candy. (picks up a piece) Chocolate Jesus.
Carter: James, please. At work, just call me Carter.

Nikki: Do you not have an ounce of Christmas Spirit in you?
Stuart: Well, Joseph was about 3 ounces.

Mayor: I'm going to stand here and read this story to the city, because I want all the children out there to believe in the magic of (reading speech) Satan.
Mike: That's Santa. It's a typo.
James: You wait until there's something important to you and i eat it.

Same Time Next Year [2.13]


The Paul Lassiter Story [2.14]


Gentleman's Agreement [2.15]

Mike: The Mayor is a man of great vision
Mayor: (Walks out of sauna with steamed up glasses) I can't see

Mike: [Tossing a bunch of towels into the sauna] Here are your towels!
Stuart: [From inside the sauna] We don't need them!
Stacy: STUART!

Deaf Man Walking [2.16]

Mayor: (to Mike whose pen has leaked in his mouth when he was chewing on it) Your mouth is blue. Did you have a snow cone?

The Marrying Men (1) [2.17]


One Wedding and a Funeral (2) [2.18]


A River Runs Through Me [2.19]


The Pope of Gracie Mansion [2.20]


Bye, Bye, Birdie [2.21]

Carter: (about a giant statue giving the finger) Mike, its huge! Where can we put it?
Mayor: How about my ex-wife's lawn?

The Lady or the Tiger [2.22]


Single White Male [2.23]


The Paul-Bearer [2.24]

Mike: (on delaying the funeral) A couple more hours wouldn't kill her ... again.

Mike: I understand. People are very excited to start mourning.

Mike: Or maybe she was just there to remind us that blowing your hair in the bathtub isn't a good idea.

Mike: Well, it's not all bad news.
Paul: How could you say that?
Mike: Well, for starters, it's not all my fault anymore.

Nikki: I am not gonna do that unless he wakes up.
Stuart: Ladies and gentlemen, Nikki's only rule of dating.

Claudia: There was corpse at my wedding!
Stuart: Hey, I know Paul's not an exciting guy...

Father Larry: Now Paul, your vows are to 'love Claudia, and to lose five pounds'?
Paul: Well, I wanted to combine my vows and New Year's resolutions.

Paul: (on Mike taking over) Are you sure this is legal?
Mike: What, are you wearing a wire?

Stuart: (after putting a sandwich in the poor box) What? If they're poor, they're hungry.

Season Three


Dead Dog Talking [3.1]

Mike: ahhh seals!
Crazy Zoo Guy: actually they're sealions. Seals have more pronouced ear flaps.


Mike: I woke up this morning with a hangover and a swore wrist.
Stuart: Yeah, I've been there.


Mike: Sir, we're going on a little earlier than we expected because the good samaritian of the year couldn't make it.
Mayor: Why's that Mike?
Mike: Well because he's in jail. Apparently he got all his good samartian juice from his cocain smuggling ring.
Mayor: Ha this city... Somebody should do something.


There's Something About Heidi [3.2]

Mayor: (After looking at a picture of Mike kissing Heidi Klum's butt) This used to be my ass Flaherty.

Mike: (Looking into a toilet) DUDE!


Gone with the Wind [3.3]

Mike: (In a spacesuit, about to have sex with Heidi Klum) One small step for man, one giant... (stares at Heidi's breasts) Oh dear God, thank you. (jumps and floats in bed) The eagle has landed. (Heidi's bra, Mike's underwear, and a packet of condoms floats across the screen) Space is cool.

Stuart: (Looking at a picture of James's aunt Sarah) Wow, she was a cow.
Nikki: Stuart, very nice.
Stuart: I'm serious, she was an actual cow.

[Mike and Carter are trying to shut off a fan in Paul's office]
Carter: Go on without me!
Mike: I'm not leaving you behind!
Carter: You don't have a choice!
Mike: Whatever may occur, I will find you!

Mike: How many cigars equal a dead cow anyway?
Janelle: Twelve.

James: Look at me Mike. I'm twenty-six, I'm single..., and I'm holding the ashes of a dead cow

The Deer Hunter [3.4]

Mike: (slapping Paul on the but) Way to go Paulie.
[Paul walks away]
Mike: It's a lot firmer than you think.

Stuart:: I take my coffee the way I take my women.
Stacy:: Are you sure you want to pay $75 for a cup of coffee?

Janelle: Look, do what I do. Picture Stuart as a new puppy. Is it helping.
Stacey: Nope, still trying to hump my leg

[Mike aims and purposefully misses the adult deer]
Nolan: Wow. I didn't even see that one. We don't usually shot babies but that was a hell of a shot. (laughs)

Carter: Mike, shouldn't we wear the oranges?
Mike: Oh, forget the oranges.
[Mike opens the door and a gunshot is heard]
Mike: Let's orange up.

[Mike and Carter have taken the wounded deer to a hospital]
Doctor: what are you doing, that is a deer
Mike: Oh darn, that means I’ve got Ed strapped to the roof of my car

[Filling out patient admission forms at the hospital for the deer]
Carter: Blood type?
Mike: Deer? [off Carter’s look] Deer negative.
Carter: ‘Relationship to patient’ oh that’s easy: Assassin!
Mike: Listen Carter, I may have shot him, but you ate his mother!

It Happened One Night [3.5]


Three Men and a Little Lady [3.6]

Deidre: [Meeting Carter and Rags for the first time] Right, you're the gay guy. [She opens her robe, flashing him] So this means nothing to you? [Carter stares in shock and covers Rags' eyes]

Mike: Paul, ever since you got married, you have been nothing but excuses
Paul: Well that's not true!
Mike: Paul, you've been married five months, you've celebrated your anniversary seven times!
Paul: Mike, Claudia needs me.
Mike: I need you!
Paul: Claudia depends on me.
Mike: I depend on you!
Paul: Claudia gives me sweet lovin'.
Mike: ......I depend on you!

An Officer and a Gentleman [3.7]


Quest for Fire [3.8]


The Kidney's All Right [3.9]


Gobble the Wonder Turkey Saves the Day [3.10]


Local Hero [3.11]

[James is in a Michael Jackson costume and Carter walks in with his costume covered in a coat cover]
Carter: (sees James and tosses his costume to the floor) DAMN IT!

[Stuart is wearing a Bill Clinton mask]
Stuart: (in a Bill Clinton like voice) Deny, deny, deny.

[Mike and Carter are looking for Councilman Pete]
Carter: (in a bunny suit) Mike, hurry up!
Mike: I can't run in this suit!
[Mike runs into a phone booth and changes into a Superman costume]

Monkey Business [3.12]

[Mike is sitting on the Mayor's lap]
Mayor: (in a Santa suit) Well, young man, what do you want for Christmas?
Mike: Uh, my dignity back.

Lloyd and Carter: (together) You're disgusting.
Alfred and Stuart" (together) Bite me.

[Carter is having a dream about the future]
Old Stuart: Long time no see. How old are you now?
Mike: (Looks exactly the same) Eighty-eight.


Stuart: You know who I can't believe is still alive?
Carter: Who? Ha.
[Camera shows Rags sitting on a chair]

Taxi Driver [3.13]


The Nutty Deputy Mayor [3.14]


Carter: I don't get this rock-papers-scissor. Why does paper beat rock?
Paul: It just does!
Carter: Why don't you grab a piece of paper, I get a rock, we'll meet at the playground and then let's see what beats what!

Mike: Was there a reason why you would do this to me?
Stuart: Did you not strut down a runway in a 300-pound fat-suit?
Mike: Yeah.
Stuart: Then I don't understand the question...

Mike: On that note, I found this while I was accidentally...rifling through your desk. (Reading personal ad) "Divorced male seeks special lady for romance." Sir, you can't submit a personal ad.
Mayor Winston: You think that's me?
Mike: [Reading personal ad] "6'4, salt and pepper hair.....Mayor of New York."

Not in the Line of Fire [3.15]


Internal Affairs [3.16]

The Mayor and team are on a stakeout in a police van
Mayor: What sort of action are we tracking?
Carter: Sir, this area is dominated by the world's oldest profession.
Mayor: [nods] Bankers.

Dick Clark's Rockin' Make-Out Party '99 [3.17]

Mike is listing sexual harassment items against Stuart
Mike: Item 10: Inappropriate use of the word "mount". Item 11: Pushing the elevator button without using his hands. (pause) What floor?
Stuart: 3rd
Mike: That's not bad.

Mayor: I complimented Judge Stenciler's mustache today.
Janelle gasps
Mayor: I know... She was not happy.

Janelle is walking in on the Mayor, Paul, and Carter practicing the waltz
Janelle: With the new security cameras, I'll bet some guard is getting a kick out of this.
Guard (sitting in the security cam room): Shake it, fellas. Shake it.

Mike: So - has anybody felt harassed by Stuart?
Paul: Stuart has been publishing naked pictures of me to the internet!
Mike: That's not harassing you, Paul, that's harassing the internet.
Marie: I don't know what it is about you, James, there's something about you. You just seem so, so old....so mature.
James: Maybe that's because you teach 4th grade.

Stuart and Diedre is having a fight, after their break-up
Stuart: I slept with your sister!
Dierdre: I was there, you idiot!

Back to the Future IV: Judgment Day [3.18]

Mike: This is like stepping back in time.
Owen: The past is prologue, Michael. Men like us have to keep looking to the future.
Mike: What the hell are you talking about?
Owen: I don't know.

Mike: (reading Owen's list)Things to do: Banish Satan and the forces of Evil; build the New Jerusalem; buy milk...
Owen: Damn! I always forget the milk!

Politically Incorrect [3.19]


That's Entertainment [3.20]


James Hobert: "My Great Uncle had a ticket on the titanic actually, at the last second he decided not to go on"

Nikki Faber: "Wow, lucky guy"

James Hobert: "No, no, on the way home he got hit by a milk truck. If only he'd gotten on that damn boat"

The Last Temptation of Mike [3.21]


Carter & Stuart & Bennett & Deirdre [3.22]


The Mayor With Two Brains [3.23]


Wall Street [3.24]


(The guys playing poker)

Stuart: Come on, its my bet. Paul, I said its my bet

Paul: (Looking at James' cards) Did I ever tell you guys about my friend Pete? He's got two houses in Queens.

Stuart: I'll see your $10, and raise you $20.

Carter: I'm out

Mike: I don't know if its me or the barely brew talking, but I'm out too

James: I have nothing.

(Mike rearranges James cards)

James: Wait, you can do that?? I'm in

Stuart: Paul, I can't decide whether I should stay in or not

Paul: Correction, he's got THREE houses in Queens, an ace of a guy....and a seven

Klumageddon (1) [3.25]


Klumageddon (2) [3.26]


Season Four


Carter in the Bronx [4.1]


James and the Giant Speech [4.2]

Mike: James! Good news buddy, you are back on speech duty. Now I don't want to put too much pressure on you, but you got to write me something amazing.
James: You got it, Mike. [tries to leave]
Mike: No no no James you don't understand. This has to be brilliant, I mean, it has to be inspiring.
James: No sweat, I'll crank something out by lunchtime
Mike: Not with that attitude you won't! Look, where are the nerves. Where's the fear? Do you know what great athletes do before the big game?
James: Steroids?

All the Mayor's Men [4.3]


These Shoes Were Made for Cheatin' [4.4]


Rebel Without a Chair [4.5]


The Mayor May Not [4.6]


Scott Crane Show [4.7]


How to Bury a Millionaire [4.8]

Paul: Guess what I am doing tonight. A: Going to the gym. B: Being a contestant on "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?".
Mike: Well, we know it's not the gym.

Janelle: [Watching TV. Nikki comes in and takes the remote] Hey, what are you doing?
Nikki: Watching Paul on "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?" He's up to the $500,000 question.
Janelle: Well, I want to make sure the well doesn't collapse on the Mayor.
Nikki: Janelle, even if it does, you know they'll interrupt "Millionaire".
Janelle: ...That's true. [Changes the channel]

Regis Philbin: [After Paul is up to $500,000] Paul, you're on fire! What is your secret?

Janelle: [Paul is trying to decide on answering the $1 million question] Come on, Paul, say something!
Nikki: Just take the money. I'll learn to love you.

The Thanksgiving Show [4.9]

Mike: And remember, don't anybody tell Paul about this 'cause he's got a big mouth!
Paul: Who has a big mouth? Tell me! I wanna know! I wanna tell other people!

The Doorman Always Rings Twice [4.10]


Mustang Mikey [4.11]


My Dinner With Caitlin (a.k.a. Christmas 1999) [4.12]


A Tale of Two Sisters [4.13]


Casino [4.14]


The Marry Caitlin Moore Show [4.15]


Suffragette City [4.16]


Mike's Best Friend's Boyfriend [4.17]


The Pig Whisperer [4.18]


Uneasy Rider [4.19]


About Last Night [4.20]


Don't Get on the Bus [4.21]


Airplane! [4.22]


An American Deputy Mayor in Paris [4.23]


The Commitments [4.24]


Goodbye (1) [4.25]

Dr. Peterson: Mike, are you angry at me, or are you angry at your penis?
Mike: Is that the only class you took in training school?

Goodbye (2) [4.26]

Mike: If you take the fall, then the whole staff goes down with you. This way, only one person gets hurt.
Mayor Winston: But why can't that person be Paul?

Mike: Make sure this Tony guy doesn't think you're still dating him.
Nikki: Fine, I will die alone with 17 cats.

Season Five


Hello Charlie [5.1]

Caitlin: What's your excuse?
Charlie: I have an excuse, but it's really not the time right now.
Caitlin: Yes it is.
Charlie: Well, I flew with air Sweden yesterday.
Caitlin: Oh, don't tell me, you met some fancy stewardess and ended up going to her hotel.
Charlie: ...
Caitlin: Oh my god.

Charlie: Stuart, says here you're with the war against pornography.
Stuart: You're reading that wrong, it's the war against the war against pornography.
Charlie: I thought that was a typo.

Caitlin: Do you remember anything about this woman?
Charlie: Ehr...
Caitlin: You pig!
Charlie: Wait, something's coming.

Smile [5.2]


The Spanish Prisoner [5.3]

Carter: Stuart, Rags was swept to the street last day and accidentally taken to the pound.
Stuart: He was found without a leash and than committed a G&B.
Carter: ...
Stuart: Growl and Bite.
Carter: Come on, you're in charge of this, make a call and set him released.
Stuart: Can't do that Carter, if I release Rags we have to release that Poodle we napped for a DNR.
Carter: ...
Stuart: Dump -N- Run.

The Bone Collectors [5.4]


Blind Faith [5.5]


Balloons over Broadway [5.6]


Lost and Found [5.7]


All the Wrong Moves [5.8]

Stuart: Hey Paul, nice suit... wait a minute, today's the Bagel.
Charlie: What's the Bagel?
Stuart: Every year when Paul asks the mayor for a raise he gives him... the bagel.
Carter: [Walks in] Hey Paul, hey today's the bagel.

Stuart: How are we going to find a gay guy in here.
Caitlin: Let me do it, I'll just give him the look, if he doesn't return it, he's gay.
Caitlin: [Gives look to guy, guy looks away] Excuse me, you're gay right?
Guy: No.
Caitlin: Excuse me, but you are.
[Guy walks away]
Caitlin: 'Couple years of therapy, he'll find it out.

The Burgers of Wrath [5.9]


Toy Story [5.10]


The Perfect Dorm [5.11]


Hey Judith [5.12]


The Gambler [5.13]


In the Company of Dudes [5.14]


The Image Maker [5.15]


Trainstopping [5.16]


Rain on My Charades [5.17]


You've Got Male [5.18]


Minor League [5.19]


Science Friction [5.20]


Brotherly Love [5.21]


A Shot in the Dark (1) [5.22]


A Shot in the Dark (2) [5.23]


Season Six


The Arrival (1) [6.1]


A Tree Falls in Manhattan (2) [6.2]


Wife with Mikey [6.3]

Mike: You've got some nerve barging into your office telling me how to do your job!
Charlie: That didn't make any sense.
Mike: I figured if I yelled, you wouldn't notice.

The Apartment [6.4]


Yet Another Stakeout [6.5]


Yeah Baby! [6.6]


Sleeping with the Enemy [6.7]


She's Gotta Habit [6.8]


The Wedding Scammer [6.9]


Fight Flub [6.10]


Chinatown [6.11]


O Mother, Where Art Thou? [6.13]


Rags to Riches [6.14]


Sex, Lies and Video Date [6.15]


Eyes Wide Open [6.16]


Age Against the Machine [6.17]


An Affair Not to Remember [6.18]


Let's Give Them Something to Talk About [6.19]


Look Who's Not Talking [6.20]


A Tale of Four Cities [6.21]


A Friend in Need [6.22]



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