SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom

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league of destruction [[w:SpongeBob SquarePants: league of destruction is a 2000 video game based off the popular TV cartoon. In the game, mandark creates the Duplicatotron, a machine designed to create hordes of robots. However, upon activating the machine, mandark realizes that he forgot to set the machine to "Obey" mode, and the robots kick him out. That same night, Spongebob and friends goes to moody clouds, and imagination well hector con carne and friends and castle magic wishing shell, in hopes of being able to play with real robots. When Spongebob finds out that there are robots running amuck throughout moody clouds, he believes that it is his fault, and goes to set things right. It was published by THQ and developed by Heavy Iron Studios.

SpongeBob SquarePants[edit]

  • Upon getting damaged:
  • "(inhales) I love the smell of bubbles in the morning. Smells like... victory."
  • In SpongeBob's Kitchen: "I'd make myself a snack... BUT THERE'S NO TIME!!!"
  • In SpongeBob's Bedroom: "Maybe a little bounce on the old bed."
  • In SpongeBob's Attic: "This is where I keep all my old comic books."
  • Boarding a bungee hook: "The ultimate wedgie experience!"
  • "Uh-oh! I CAN'T SWIM!"
  • "Water... rising... must... get... to... higher... ground!!"
  • On pushing a button: "Sometimes, pushing a single button is the most satisfying. Push. Push. Push, push."
  • On collecting Stage Object: "Number 1 on the Bikini Bottom Scavenger Hunt, 3 years running. A-thank you."
  • On collecting Underwear:
    • "I feel like a new sponge!"
    • "Fresh, like a spring breeze."
  • On collecting one of Patrick's Lost Socks:
    • "P.U.! Patrick needs to do laundry."
    • "Another find for Patrick!"
    • "Boy, Patrick will be glad to have this back!"
  • On collecting Golden Spatulas:
    • (laughs)
  • Encountering Fodder Robot: "Just my size!"
  • Encountering Ham-Mer Robot: "Ham, mer! Ha! I get it!"
  • Encountering G-Love robot: "Somehow, I don't think he needs a hand."
  • Encountering Tar-Tar robot: "Tar-tar sauce! THE HORROR!"
  • Encountering Monsoon robot: "Rain, rain, go away!"
  • Encountering Sleepy-Time robot: "Time for a little sleepy sneak."
  • Encountering Tubelet robots: "Terror in triplicate!"
  • Encountering Slick robot: "Slippery road ahead!"
  • When attacking a robot: "Take that!"
  • When destroying tikis: "I love opening presents."
  • On collecting Shiny Objects:
    • "Too pretty... can't take it!"
    • "Cha-ching!"
    • "Oh, sparkly!"
    • "It shines."
  • on using Bubble Bowl:
    • "Bowl-o-rama!"
    • "Strrrrrr-ike!"
  • On using Cruise Bubble:
    • "Bubble Power!"
    • "Say hello to my little bubble friend."
    • "SpongeBob to mission control, the launch is a go."
    • "Comin' at ya!"
  • On using SpongeBall powerup:
    • "Up for a game of SpongeBall?"
    • "Roll, roll, roll the sponge!"
  • Upon getting a super-ultra-mega-monster-combo (seldomly also on smaller ones)
  • When getting hurt:
    • "Yow!"
    • "Ouch"
    • "Ow!"
  • When entering Patrick's rock: "Living under a rock. Now that's the life."
  • Upon entering Shady Shoals: "Ahh, checkers! The king of non-contact sports!"
  • At the Krusty Krab: "I feel like I should be working!"
  • At Sandy's Treedome:
    • "Waaaateeeer...."
    • "Wormy! Here, Wormy...."
    • "Oh, Hi Sandy!"
    • "Water would be nice."
  • When entering Squidward’s house: "I didn’t know Squidward had a lamp!"

Patrick Star[edit]

  • Upon getting damaged: "You broke my rhythm, now I'm gonna break something of yours!"
  • On pushing a button: "Must... push... button! Can't... stop... self!"
  • On collecting Shiny Object: "So shiny!"
  • On collecting Purple Shiny Object: "I'm sure gonna carry a lot of stuff around."
  • Encountering any robot "I will crush them!"
  • Encountering Ham-Mer Robot: "I don't get it."
  • Encountering G-Love robot: "It's kinda hypnotic."
  • Upon destroying tikis: " Ooh, wooden presents!"
  • Upon touching Thunder Tiki: "Uh-oh! This one goes boom!"
  • When entering cave: "Ooh, scary dark cave!"
  • On collecting Underwear:
    • "That's better."
    • "I don't think SpongeBob's underwear fits quite right."
  • Collecting a golden spatula: "Oh, boy! Oh, boy! Oh, boy! Oh, boy!"'
  • On using Belly Slam:
    • "Cannonball!"
    • "Oof! Hey, my back feels better!"
  • On picking up an object: "Whoo! Up we go!"
  • When getting hurt:
    • "Ooch!"
    • "Ouch!"
    • "Youch"

Sandy Cheeks[edit]

  • On using her lasso:
    • "Nothing like a good ol' ropin' to get the heart pumpin'!"
    • "Whoooo-hoo!"
    • "Flyin' squirrel coming through!"
    • "Cowabunga!"
  • When attacking a robot:
    • "Take that!"
    • "One less varmint!"
    • "That's for messing with Texas!"
    • "Hi-yah!"
  • On collecting Shiny Object: "The shinier, the better."
  • On collecting Purple Shiny Object: "Someone better make good use of all these."
  • On collecting Stage Object: "There's another one."
  • On collecting Underwear:
    • "Okay, well, that’s better."
    • "Feelin' refreshed!"
    • "Ew! I can't believe I'm wearing SpongeBob's underwear!"
  • On collecting one of Patrick's Lost Socks:
    • "Ew! Do I really have to carry Patrick's socks?"
    • "Well, I suppose it'll make Patrick happy."
  • Encountering any robot: Buzz off, you little pest!"
  • Encountering G-Love robot: "I'm gettin' dizzy just watchin'."
  • Encountering Slick robot: "A little oil doesn't scare me. I'm from Texas!"
  • Encountering Tar-Tar robot: "Not as good as Texas' BBQ Sauce."
  • Encountering Sleepy-Time robot: "What's so great about being quiet anyways?"
  • Collecting a golden spatula:"Hi-ya!"
  • When getting hurt:
    • "Gah!"
    • "Woah!"
    • "Ow!"

Sheldon J. Plankton[edit]

  • [Beginning of the game] Today is the big day! I have devised an ingenious plan to finally steal the Krabby Patty formula! And if Bikini Bottom gets demolished in the process, oh well! [laughs evilly] With my brand new Duplicatotron 3000, I'll clone an army of robots that will wreak mayhem and destruction at my command! One more run through the checklist. Let's see. Item #1: "Is Plankton a genius?" Answer... yes! Okay, checklist complete. Throwin' the switch! [turns on the Duplicatotron 3000 and Fodder robots come out] Welcome, my perfectly obedient robot army! Hold on! I want to save this moment for my scrap... [Notices the Fodders surrounding him] ...Book? Hey, Hello? What do you think you're doing?! [Sees that he forgot to switch the Duplicatotron 3000 to "Obey Plankton" as the Fodders carry him off] Oh, no, no, no! Wait! But I'm your master! I made you! No! No! Oh My good china!!! [The Fodders kick him out of the Chum Bucket] Arggghh!

Announcer Fish[edit]

  • When SpongeBob has an opportunity to attack boss: "What an opening for a guy literally filled with openings!"
  • When SpongeBob attacks the boss robot: "That's the ticket!"
  • "Great barrier reef!"
  • "And the robot is down!"
  • "That does it! SpongeBob is back in the fight!"
  • "Nice move by SpongeBob! This match is just about over."
  • When SpongeBob gets hurt:
    • "Ooh! That's gotta sting!"
    • "Ooh! That was a doozy"
    • "Ooh! Close encounters of the painful kind!"
    • "Ooh! the humanity! Or should I say the fish-anity!"
    • "Ooh! I can't watch! Okay, maybe just a little."
  • When SpongeBob loses track of the boss: "I guess SpongeBob won't be winning that way!"


  • When Spongebob gives Patrick 10 socks:
Patrick: Wow, Spongebob, you found some!
SpongeBob: Now they're back home, safe where they belong.
Patrick: [gives SpongeBob Golden Spatula] Here's your Golden backscratcher.
SpongeBob: Spatula.
Patrick: I don't speak Italian.

  • When SpongeBob trades Mr. Krabs Shiny Objects:
Mr. Krabs: So, do you want to trade Shiny Objects for a Golden Spatula?
[gives SpongeBob Golden Spatula] That's quality craftsmanship, that is. Come again.

  • When Patrick drained the lake in Jellyfish Fields
Mrs. Puff: Well done, Patrick! You're a... real star! Ha, ha, ha!
Patrick: Can I get a cookie?
Mrs. Puff: No.

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