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Spyro the Dragon is a platform game developed by Insomniac Games for the PlayStation. It stars the title character, a young purple dragon named Spyro, and his dragonfly friend, Sparx, and is the first game in the Spyro the Dragon series.


Cameraman: Okay, rolling.
Astor: Oh! It's been peaceful in the 5 worlds or is it 6... for a dragons age. We now have 12,000 treasure or was it 14,000?
Cameraman: What about this G-nasty G-norc character? Now, I understand he has found a magic spell to turn gems into warriors for his cause.
Lindar: I'll take that question. Gnasty Gnorc is a simple creature.
Gnasty Gnorc: Simple?!
Lindar: He has been contained in a remote world and he is no threat to the dragon kingdom.
Gnasty Gnorc: No threat?!
Lindar: Besides, he is ugly.
Gnasty Gnorc: UGLY?! That does it!
Spyro: Looks like I got some things to do!


Nestor: Thank you for releasing me, Spyro. Free ten dragons in the Artisans world, then find the balloonist. He'll transport you to the next world.
Spyro: What about Gnasty Gnorc? I'm going after him!
Nestor: Find dragons first. That's all I can tell you.

Spyro: Where's Gnasty Gnorc? I'll torch him!
Delbin: Keep your horns on, Spyro! You have much to learn first! Do you know what the dragonfly following you is doing?
Spyro: Umm...
Delbin: His name is Sparx, and he's helping and protecting you. Keep an eye on him, and see what I mean.

Tomas: Hey, Spyro, press the jump button twice to glide. And, and don't be afraid.
Spyro: Afraid? Of what?
Tomas: Falling from high mountain peeks, plummeting into prehistoric glaciers...
Spyro: [chuckles nervously] Oh... That.

Spyro: Cool flash, do that again!
Argus: [before completing all levels] The Artisans boss is through a portal in the dragon's mouth. But you are not yet ready, Spyro. First you must complete one of the other Artisans lands. / [after completing all levels] The Artisans boss is through the portal behind me. You can challenge him now, if you feel you are ready.

Stone Hill[edit]

Lindar: When you free a dragon or step on one of their platforms, you're saving your progress. That could be useful if you run into trouble. Not that you ever run into trouble, Spyro.

Astor: After you freed all the dragons, pass through this fancy vortex, err,thing-a-mah-jigger. It'll take you back to the Artisans home. But first, let me tell ya a story-
Spyro: N-no thanks, see ya!

Gavin: Watch the dragonfly, Spyro. His color indicates his power. When he eats butterflies, he stays strong...like me.
Spyro: Uh... sure.

Gildas: Spyro, my friend! How about a hint on gliding?
Spyro: You Bet!
Gildas: For the longest glide, press the X button at the top of the jump and try pressing the triangle button to drop down in mid flight.

Dark Hollow[edit]

Alban: Oh, it's you, I wasn't sure if you'd escape those annoying little creatures. Of course they wouldn't bother me, but here's a hint: Metal armor is fireproof, but a charge attack should take care of them.

Darius: Big enemies like this Gnorc with the club cannot be charged. But a quick flame...that should defeat them.

Oswin: Psst, Spyro, want to know a secret? Use the triangle-button when you want to zoom in and look around.
Spyro: Oh, your secret's safe with me.

Town Square[edit]

Nils: Welcome to Town Square, Spyro. Begin exploring by gliding to that area with the bulls. Use the L2 and R2 buttons to get a good look.

Devlin: Thanks, Spyro, haha, I had the worst itch on the tip of my wing. Oh, did you know that you get your longest glides by pressing X at the very top of your jump?

Alvar: Hmph, Spyro, did you see a man dressed in blue running around here? He's a thief! And he's stolen a dragon egg! You've got to track him down, and get that egg! Run! Run! [wheezes] I'm getting a little winded...

Thor: Thank you for releasing me.


Nevin: Gnasty Gnorc has put one of his most devious henchman in charge of the Artisans world.
Spyro: Bring him on! I think I smell a barbecue!
Nevin: Be careful, Spyro. This boss has many tricks up his sleeve.

Peace Keepers[edit]

Titan: Welcome to Peace Keepers, Spyro. Look how our treasure's been turned against us. And stolen! Recover our treasure, Spyro.
Spyro: Collect treasure, got it!

Magnus: Hi, Spyro! Sparx the Dragonfly has been doing a good job protecting you. Make sure to keep him strong by feeding him lots of butterflies.

Gunnar: Well done, Spyro. Keep up the good work and I know you'll fulfil your destiny!
Spyro: Destiny? I just want to kick some-
Gunnar: Just toast those enemies and collect the treasure!

Dry Canyon[edit]

Conan: Thank you for releasing me.

Boris: Dry Canyon rewards good gliders. You are a good glider, eh, Spyro?
Spyro: I was... born to glide!
Boris: Hmph.

Ivor: Is that you, Spyro? Are you the young dragon I've been hearing so much about? Ever since you were a wee puff a' smoke, we've known, ehh...
Spyro: You've known...?
Ivor: Ah, I forget.

Maximos: Incredible glide, Spyro! I thought I'd be stuck in here forever with those ugly vultures standing on my head. Those birds might look tough, but they're pretty tasty. Flame broiled, with a pinch a' salt...

Cliff Town[edit]

Spyro: How's a dragon supposed to flame metal armor, anyway?
Halvor: Remember, Spyro, flame won't harm metal. But charging with you horns, that should do the trick.

Spyro: Hey, what's on the other side of that river?
Enzo: Why don't you glide there and find out?

Marco: You've reached the highest point in Cliff Town. You can get to almost anywhere from here. If I were you, I'd use that whirlwind there.

Ice Cavern[edit]

Ulric: A word of caution, little one: Wait until you grow big... [coughs] like me... before charging those large enemies.

Todor: Psst. Spyro. Some big gnorcs up ahead are wearing armor...and in the Ice Caves, armor can make their feet very slippery!
Spyro: Hmmm...

Andor: Thank you for releasing me.

Asher: Thank you for releasing me.

Ragnar: You've done well, Spyro. Some dragons thought you weren't ready, but I knew they were wrong.
Spyro: I'm ready, all right! ...Ready for what?

Doctor Shemp[edit]

Trondo: This guy thinks he's so cool! You don't know what it is been like listening to him over and over! But I'll tell ya one thing: He should watch his back!

Magic Crafters[edit]

Cosmos: Welcome to Magic Crafters. I want you to release the dragons, reclaim our treasure, and recover our eggs from those pesky blue thieves.

Zantor: When you see arrows like these, you can run along with them to begin a supercharge.
Spyro: Supercharge? Excellent!
Zantor: Go ahead, try it.

Boldar: This portal leads to a special place where you can learn to fly. I remember, when I was a young dragon, earning my wings...
Spyro: Learn to fly, got it!

Alpine Ridge[edit]

Zane: Spyro, you're not afraid of those big, noisy, gigantic, awful beasts, are you?
Spyro: Of course not!
Zane: I didn't think so...

Eldrid: Thank you for releasing me.

Zander: Great work, Spyro! If you keep this up, you'll learn all the tricks of the Magic Crafter world.

Kelvin: Remember that these blue thieves haven't stolen eggs only in the Magic Crafter world.
Spyro: Don't worry, I'll take care of them!

High Caves[edit]

Cyrus: Please do something about these green druids, they insist on moving everything in sight!

Spyro: I hate those bugs! When I become big and strong, like you, I'll squash 'em all!
Ajax: Until then, remember that supercharge makes you invincible.

Cedric: Try combining supercharge with jumping and gliding...and really explore the High Caves!

Wizard Peak[edit]

Jarvis: Welcome to Wizard Peaks. This is my favorite supercharge spot. Use it to bash those wizards!

Hexus: Thank you for releasing me.

Lucas: Listen carefully, Spyro. There's a secret area in the Artisan home. It is at the waterfall. Try jumping on the stones there.
Spyro: Artisan home, waterfall...Sounds good!


Altair: Thanks for releasing me, Spyro. You have no idea how long I've been trapped in crystal. And...uh...neither do I...Who are you again?
Spyro: Uhh, I'm outta here!

Beast Makers[edit]

Bruno: Gnasty Gnorc has turned our swamp in an electrified junk heap! And it used to be so beautiful...
Spyro: I'm sure it was.

Cleetus: Spyro! It's great to see you, but I've got to go!

Terrace Village[edit]

Claude: Watch out, Spyro. The Gnorcs in these parts have discovered the power of electricity...And it really stings!

Cyprin: Good job, Spyro. One day you'll be able to tell all dragons about your amazing adventures.
Spyro: Sure...but what I'd really like to do is get out of this swamp!

Misty Bog[edit]

Rosco: Be on the lookout for attack frogs, they're cold-blooded killers!
Spyro: Attack...frogs?
Rosco: And this used to be such a nice swamp!

Damon: Thanks for releasing me. It seems like I've been trapped in here since I was your age...
Spyro: Oh no...
Damon: Why, I remember...
Spyro: Uh, gotta go!

Zeke: Thank you for releasing me.

Bubba: I tell you what to do with those creatures...smash them, Spyro! Stamp them out and squish them and squash them, hahaha...!
Spyro: Hah, hah. How about...charge them and flame them? We are dragons, after all.

Tree Tops[edit]

Lyle: Greetings, Spyro! For an amazing tour of the Tree Tops, don't just stop at one supercharge.
Spyro: Oh!

Issak: Spyro, if you jump at the end of a supercharge ramp, you can really go far!
Spyro: I'm all over it!

Jed: That was quite a ride, Spyro! You've learned a lot since you were a young glider.
Spyro: Yeah, well, you could've found an easier spot to get stuck!


Sadiki: This big robot is all charged up to meet you. Attacking the power poles should disrupt its power supply.

Dream Weavers[edit]

Lateef: Welcome to Dream Weavers, young one. While chasing Gnasty's minions in this world, you must expect the unexpected, and prepare for what is not there.

Zikomo: Hello Spyro, nicely done.
Spyro: I'll be done once I've toasted that Gnasty Gnorc!

Mazi: The fools you see in this world are invincible. But that does not mean they shouldn't be attacked.
Spyro: Sounds all right to me!

Dark Passage[edit]

Kasiya: The enemies here can often be quite frightening, but you should watch the fools.
Spyro: I'd rather flame the fools!
Kasiya: Now you're thinking!

Azizi: Thank you for releasing me.

Bakari: You know, I think you just might be the dragon to defeat Gnasty Gnorc!
Spyro: That's me, all right!

Apara: Oh thanks, Spyro! I'd love to help you catch Gnasty, but I'd really hate being trapped in crystal again.
Spyro: Don't worry, the only one who is going to be trapped is him!

Obasi: Thank you for releasing me.

Lofty Castle[edit]

Mudada: Fairies are always on your side, Spyro.

Baruti: Thank you for releasing me.

Useni: Ah, Spyro, thanks. Supercharge will get you to new places here in Lofty Castle, too. See where it takes you.

Haunted Towers[edit]

Kosoko: Hey Spyro, all dragons know there's magic in a fairy's kiss. See what it can do to your power of flame.

Spyro: Hold your horns, here comes Spyro!
Lutalo: Patience, little one. You'll soon have the opportunity to battle the one who matters most...Gnasty Gnorc!

Copano: You've become a master of the supercharge. Great work.


Spyro: Any advice before this...battle?
Revilo: Advice. hmm... A wise dragon once told me, aim high in life, but watch out for flying boxes.
Spyro: Huh?

Unika: Thank you for releasing me.

Gnasty's World/Gnorc Gnexus[edit]

Spyro: Hey, didn't I already free you?
Delbin: You're in Gnasty's World now, Spyro, and you are the dragon that must defeat him.
Spyro: Bring him on! I'm ready!
Delbin: Reach the exit in each in of Gnasty's lands. Then you can challenge the Gnorc himself.

[After Gnasty is defeated]
Spyro: Gnasty's ancient history now! So, what's in there?
Magnus: I believe this is Gnasty's treasure hoard. But the gate will not open until you have found everything in the dragon kingdom. Come back when you've reached 100%.

Gnorc Cave[edit]

Lateef: Keep up the good work, Spyro. I expect Gnasty's really starting to worry about you.
Spyro: I'd be shaking in my gnorc boots if I were him.

Tomas: Wow! I never thought I'd be rescued. Especially by such a little dragon. Uh...wh-what I mean is... I always believed in you, Spyro!
Spyro: You gotta believe!

Twilight Harbor[edit]

Cosmos: Thank you for releasing me.

Cleetus: Be on the lookout for gnorc commandos, Spyro.
Spyro: They better be on the lookout for me.

Gnasty Gnorc[edit]

Spyro: You're toast, Gnorc!


Spyro: Sorry, I took so long. I kinda forgot about you.
Cameraman: What about Gnasty Gnorc?
Spyro: G-nasty G-norc? He's toast!
Cameraman: So, now there's order again in the dragon kingdom?
Spyro: Well, mostly. I still got some treasure to pick up.
Cameraman: What will you do next?
Spyro: I'd say the sky's the limit!

120% Ending[edit]

Cameraman: Spyro the Dragon, you've defeated Gnasty Gnorc, collected the dragon eggs, saved all the dragons, and recovered every bit of treasure in the dragon kingdom. How do you feel?
Spyro: I feel fired up, Bob! And I'm happy for the dragon worlds, of course. I certainly don't want to spend the rest of my dragon days butting heads with Gnasty Gnorc and his weird minions.
Cameraman: What's a minion?
Spyro: Uh, never mind. You know what they say - you need a good battle for every good adversary. And I felt that Gnasty, in spite of his misguided nature, was a worthy opponent. [The dragons turn to crystal] Uh-oh. Here we go again!

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